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Bibliography — Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) — 1979

Theory still challenged: AMA revamps stand on chiropractic.
Director's memo: medical ethics.
Medicine vs. chiropractic: our leaders let all of us down.
Hartford, Connecticut: a prevalence study of folk medical beliefs.
Ethnicity and clinical care: Puerto Ricans.
Holistic medicine.
The roots and practice of voodoo medicine in America.
Iowa chiropractors file suit against AMA.
AMA withdraws from CME accrediting body.
Diagnostic testing under different paradigms--medical and chiropractic.
FTC allegations cause rift in AMA house.
Judge OKs settlement of chiropractic lawsuit.
Laser acupuncture--no alternative to classical acupuncture
Multiple nutritional deficiencies in infants from a strict vegetarian community.
Malnutrition in infants receiving cult diets: a form of child abuse.
Effects of electrolytic lesions or intracerebral injections of 5,6-dihydroxytryptamine in raphe nuclei on acupuncture analgesia in rats.
The use of acupuncture needles as sphenoidal electrodes in electroencephalography: a reappraisal.
Notes on placentophagy.
The effect of electroacupuncture on neurons of the caudate nucleus.
Rat tail flick acupuncture analgesia model.
Acupuncture tolerance in rats: anti-opiate substrates implicated.
Primitive physick: John Wesley's receipts.
Domestic medicine chests: microcosms of 18th and 19th century medical practice.
A 19th century manuscript on traditional medicine.
Modern and traditional medicine: rivals or friends? Some solutions attempted by India, China, Japan and Tibetans in exile.
Herbal remedies: God's medicine?
Imperialism, culture and resistance.
A footnote to the publication of Peter Smith's Indian Doctor's Dispensatory (Cincinnati, 1813).
Moll's fate: "Mother Midnight" and Moll Flanders.
Exhuming Trotula, sapiens matrona of Salerno.
Thai traditional medicine: ancient thought and practice in a Thai context.
Folk memories of the decline of Angkor in nineteenth-century Cambodia: the legend of the leper king.
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Who were the witches? The social roles of the accused in the European witch trials.
The power to heal in colonial Rotuma.
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The dead baby joke cycle.
J. C. Sharland's pharmacy at Apothecaries' Hall.
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The role of central catecholamine in acupuncture analgesia.
Acupuncture anesthesia and lateral suboccipital approach for acoustic neurinoma extirpation.
Clinical application in ophthalmology of the therapeutic principle of "improving circulation and eliminating stasis" in the Chinese traditional medicine (author's transl)
Preliminary research of acupuncture therapy and anaesthesia in eye diseases (author's transl)
Preliminary report on therapeutic effect of Chinese medicinal herbs eye-clearing powder in treatment of pterygium in 50 eyes of 32 patients (author's transl)
New shoots from old roots.
Back to basics.
Health education evaluation and beliefs and practices in rural Tamil Nadu.
Induced abortion under acupunctural analgesia (25 cases)
Medicinal plants make a comeback.
Analgesic abortion through acupuncture
World Health Organization encourages traditional medicine in the third world.
Can the medicine-man be substituted? medical services for the aborigines (Orang Asli) in West Malaysia (author's transl)
A study on the histologic structure of acupuncture points and types of fibers conveying needling sensation.
Public health service and traditional medicine in Papua New Guinea (author's transl)
Evaluation of the results of treatment of low backache by acupuncture or suggesting (preliminary report)
Perception and management of guinea worm disease among Ghanaian villagers. A framework for differential health education planning.
Device for local electrotherapy and its use in the treatment of pain syndromes
The sociopolitical climate surrounding low back pain (LBP).
Museum of the History of Medicine and Public Health of Kasakhstan
Effect of a vegetarian diet and dexamethasone on plasma prolactin, testosterone and dehydroepiandrosterone in men and women.
Electroacupuncture analgesia could be mediated by at least two pain-relieving mechanisms; endorphin and non-endorphin systems.
Anatomic topographic parallels between the pain points and acupuncture points and the effectiveness of local actions in lumbar osteochondrosis
Methods for evaluating the therapeutic effect of non-medical treatment.
Evaluation of manipulation and other manual therapy. Criteria for measuring the effect of treatment.
Treatment of low back pain with acupuncture.
Holistic medicine.
Scientific advance in acupuncture.
Acupuncture analgesia today.
Holistic medicine.
Laetrile: the cult of cyanide. Promoting poison for profit.
Clinical value of studying strength-duration curves using intramuscular (needle) electrodes in patients with lumbosacral radicular syndromes
Severe iatrogenic lesions caused by Huneke's neural therapy
Changes in adrenocorticotropic hormone (ACTH) and cortisol levels in drug addicts treated by a new and rapid detoxification procedure using acupuncture and naloxone.
Role of peripheral afferent nerve fiber in acupuncture analgesia elicited by needling point zusanli.
Development of reflexotherapy in the USSR
The bandwagons of medicine.
The traditional treatment of the psychiatric patient in Nigeria.
Mechanism of acupuncture hypoalgesia studied by means of spinal neuron testing
Mutagenicity of chamuvaritin: a benzyldihydrochalcone isolated from a medicinal plant.
Current herbalism
Anti-intellectual medicine
Plants used as abortifacients and emmenagogues by Spanish New Mexicans.
Conference on the Health Effects of Blood Lipids: Optimal Distributions for Populations. Workshop report: Epidemiological Section. American Health Foundation, April 11 and 12, 1979.
Effect of acupuncture on adrenocortical hormone production: I. Variation in the ability for adrenocortical hormone production in relation to the duration of acupuncture stimulation.
The influence of electroacupuncture on naloxone-induced morphine withdrawal--III. The effect of cyclic-AMP.
Sensory modulation of pain.
Therapeutic acupuncture. II.
Acupuncture anesthesia in obstetrical surgery and nursing during delivery
Vegetarian ileostomates: mutually compatible?
Disease concepts and treatment in the Philippines: review of the literature.
Trends in acupuncture research-2. Acupuncture and the autonomic nervous system.
Primum non nocere.
Needle reflex therapy in children
The point about acupuncture.
Ambulatory nursing: diabetics can be vegetarians.
Acupuncture in surgery
Some medical customs of the Cocos-Keeling Islanders.
Assertion: traditional medicine/holistic health and husband/physician.
Effects of herbs and drugs during pregnancy and lactation.
Intensified electro-acupuncture in induced abortion (author's transl)
A symptom-complex during artificial abortion (author's transl)
Relationship between cerebral cortex and acupuncture analgesia (author's transl)
AMA surrenders to chiropractors.
Acupuncture analgesia.
Suit alleges broad conspiracy intended to stop chiropractic.
A study on the antihypertensive action of uncarine A, an alkaloid of Uncaria formosana used in Chinese herb medicine.
Cervical manipulation for migraine.
Spinal manipulation for migraine.
The chiropractic report: a successful manipulation.
A simplified method for producing postoperative analgesia in minor buccal operations by the use of acupuncture (author's transl)
Whatever happened to acupuncture anaesthesia?
The hospital as the site for acupuncture research: applied and basic. Part II.
Incidence of dental caries in Lucknow school-going children.
Understanding acupuncture.
Proposed mechanisms of acupuncture.
Acupuncture in the diseases of the orofacial area
Primary health care and traditional dentistry in Senegal (integrated model)
In China acupuncture is not regarded as a miracle procedure
Studies on acupuncture by localized experimental mode (author's transl)
A study of symptom patterns and of the corresponding patterns of medicine in traditional Chinese medicine: application to EDP (7) (author's transl)
Lugbara teeth germectomy of canines for the newborn babies. A magico-religious phenomena in some African tribes.
Rehabilitation in oncology
Acupuncture anesthesia for open heart surgery: a report of 800 cases.
Effects of electroacupuncture on the somatosensory evoked response in rat.
The role of central 5-hydroxytryptamine in acupuncture analgesia.
Acupuncture-analgesia/anesthesia: placebo for physician and patient?
Long term results of peripheral conditioning stimulation as an analgesic measure in chronic pain.
Reflexotherapy in dermatology
Electrotherapy: addictions and neuroelectric therapy.
Simple aphthous stomatitis
Pain---neurophysiological basis and neurophysiologically founded methods of treatment
Implications for the delivery of health care.
Possibilities and contraindications of manual therapy in geriatrics (author's transl)
AMA delegates attempt to resolve disputes involving advertising, chiropractors, and NHI.
Neural mechanisms in acupuncture analgesia.
Experience with detoxification and weaning of heroin addicts by means of acupuncture, gabergic drugs and psychopharmacologic agents in low doses
Medical parasitology in China: an historical perspective.
A forgotten medical book from Szbolcs County. Anna Zay: Herbarium (1718)
Malpractice is an inevitable result of chiropractic philosophy and training.
Cardiology in Martín de la Cruz and Juan Badiano's Manuscript
Healing by touching.
'Coffee break' helps lower blood pressure.
Third system of regulating the bodily functions of humans and animals, the system of active points
Early medicine and surgery in New Brunswick.
In remembrance of Dr. Alberto Quaglia Senta
Health foods.
Combined-electrostimulation-hypalgesia in surgery of the lumbar vertebral column. A tentative evaluation of this method (author's transl)
Behaviour of plasma-cortisol during ophthalmological operations in patients under electrostimulation anaesthesia (author's transl)
Traditional medicine
Medicine in the Valais up to the end of the 19th century
Wilhelm Ten Rhyne's De acupunctura: an 1826 translation.
The thoughts of medicine man Hawk (Hawk Littlejohn).
Discussion of acupuncture as a therapeutic method
Success of treatment of total burns- experiences from the Peoples' Republic of China
Analgesia for operative dentistry: a comparison of acupuncture and placebo.
Pediatric past and future shock--fifty years in rural California.
A comparative study of greek and chinese alchemy.
Dr. Carl Fischer MD and the history of homoeopathy in Auckland in the 19th century.
Creatine: biosynthesis, regulation, and function.
History and theory of acupuncture in Chinese medicine
Surgical treatment of intramyocardial needles (author's transl)
From the history of folk medicine in Russia
Needle reflexotherapy in ENT diseases (review of the literature)
Dietary fat and atherosclerosis.
Altered states of consciousness during psychotherapy: a historical and cultural perspective.
Ear-acupuncture relaxation therapy in alcoholics. Report on a follow-up survey.
Self-treatment practices in North Florida.
Peyotl and mescaline.
Shamanic origins of religion and medicine.
Ethnopharmacology and taxonomy of Mexican psychodysleptic plants.
The "Great Good Medicine".
What prospects of success does Iscador therapy offer in advanced ovarian cancer?
Acupuncture--basis, indications and limitations
Plasma catecholamines in open heart surgery and abdominal operations using a combined electrical stimulation analgesia (author's transl)
Anglo-Saxon plant remedies and the Anglo-Saxons.
Home remedies and prescriptions for children and juveniles, based on individual data from the 17th through the 19th century
Medical use of sixteenth-century herbal: Gervase Markham and the Banckes herbal.
Effect of acupuncture on headache measured by reduction in number of attacks and use of drugs.
III. History of pluralistic medical systems. Change in African Therapeutic systems.
Disease at the crossroads: towards a history of therapeutics in Bulozi since 1876 [1].
Ideologies and institutions in the precolonial history of equatorial African therapeutic systems.
Medical pluralism in Arab and Egyptian history: an overview of class structures and philosophies of the main phases.
A social history of the Ghanaian pluralistic medical system.
A bug and a bonfire.
On concepts of disease among Amerindian tribal groups.
The earwig (author's transl)
Curious dental practices of the Middle Ages.
Jaborandi: an interdisciplinary appraisal.
(General rehabilitation in oncology)
Liaison psychiatry as a systems approach to behavior.
Spanish medicine in the Golden Age.
The infancy of Mexican cardiology
Treatment of mental disorders in India.
Clinical uses of electrostimulation anaesthesia (author's transl)
Characteristics of electrostimulation with the multi-purpose therapy apparatus 71-3 for electroacupuncture analgesia
Electrostimulation anaesthesia for surgery of the limbs (author's transl)
Experience with the acupuncture treatment of the concomitant diseases in tuberculosis patients
Orthopedic manual therapy--an overview. Part II: the spine.
A brief introduction to veterinary homeopathy
Human choice, vegetable deficiencies, and vegetarian rickets.
Risk of nutritional rickets among vegetarian children.
Acupuncture treatment of schizophrenia: report on three cases.
Cure and care of neurosis. I. Cure.
The effect of an ethanol extract of catnip (Nepeta cataria) on the behavior of the young chick.
Nutritional iron deficiency anemia in lactoovo-vegetarians.
Report on litigation to the AMA House of Delegates.
Estimation of hypoalgesia by the cerebral evoked potentials method
Acupuncture analgesia in rabbits.
The needle effect in the relief of myofascial pain.
BMA at Hong Kong.
Injury to the spinal cord produced by acupuncture needle.
Infant diarrhea and folk medicine in South Texas.
Various possible mechanisms of acupuncture analgesia
Acupuncture anesthesia
On the quantification of the analgesic-anaesthetic effect of electrostimulation (author's transl)
Cnv and evoked potentials under electro-acupuncture and under acoustic masking (author's transl)
Chiropractors and the AMA.
Vegan diet and health.
Foreign body stone of the ureter as a complication of acupuncture.
Suppression of noxious responses in single neurons of cat spinal cord by electroacupuncture and its reversal by the opiate antagonist naloxone.
Mexican-American views of Anglo medical and dietetic practices.
A current fairy tale.
Acupuncture therapy of migraine in a double-blind trial
Holistic medicine.
Holistic medicine.
Holistic medicine.
Holistic medicine.
Acureflexotherapy in the overall treatment of eye diseases accompanied by the pain syndrome
Impact of culture on health care: Hispanos.
Things my mother never taught me.
Acupuncture in inhibiting uterine contractile activity in threatened premature labor
Critical comments on Chinese acupuncture
Changes in several biochemical indices of blood serum with different methods of general combined electroanesthesia
Malnutrition in infants receiving cult diets.
Malnutrition in infants receiving cult diets.
Chiropractors and the AMA.
Homoeopathic medicine.
Current status of acupuncture anesthesia and acupuncture therapy
The significance of ben nut tree for African folk medicine and drinking water purification
Attitudinal classification of health manpower in Colombia: a research note on urban/rural differences in occupational prestige.
The clinical syndrome of Impila (Callilepis laureola) poisoning in children.
"Folk" criteria for the diagnosis of mental illness in rural Laos: on being insane in sane places.
Treatment for lumbar sciatic pain in posterior articular lumbar joint syndrome.
Medicine in rural Zaire.
Acupuncture and gastric acid studies.
The effect of individual dietary constituents on antipyrine clearance in Asian immigrants [proceedings
Antipyrine induction and hepatic vitamin D hydroxylation in man [proceedings
Homoeopathic medicine.
Homoeopathic medicine.
Ritual-enema-induced colitis.
Absence of uvula in South Sinai Bedouins.
Sounding board. The psychology of responsibility: some second thoughts on holistic medicine.
History and socio-political motivations of acupuncture in China and in Europe
Preliminary experiences with treatment of pain by use of acupuncture
Acupuncture in the treatment of pain in psychiatry and in psychosomatic medicine
Acupuncture in ischemic pain of the extremities
Acupuncture analgesia in instrumental examinations of the uterus
Circulatory disorders and acupuncture
Gangrene of the penis after circumcision: a report of 3 cases.
Comprehensive treatment of cochlear neuritis using auricular reflexotherapy on an outpatient basis
Thermal mechanism of acupuncture needle and its physical model
Dependence of the effect of acureflexotherapy of facial neuritis on bioelectric characteristics of active points of the face
Methodological variants of neuroleptanalgesia (author's transl)
"Folk" explanations of mental illness in rural laos.
Nickel dermatitis from acupuncture needles.
AMA withdraws from LCCME, modified stand on chiropractors as delegates meet in Chicago.
Methods of diagnosis and investigation of diseases by Yoruba traditional healers of Nigeria.
Multiple nutritional deficiencies in children on vegetarian diets.
Toward establishing scientific credibility in acupuncture research.
Psychosomatic disease and acupuncture.
Chiropractic suit settlement terms outlined.
Diffuse noxious inhibitory controls (DNIC). II. Lack of effect on non-convergent neurones, supraspinal involvement and theoretical implications.
On the 28th congress of the German Society for Lung Diseases and Tuberculosis on 31 August 1978 in D�sseldorf
28th Congress of the German Society for Lung Diseases and Tuberculosis; 30 August-2 September 1978 in D�sseldorf
Intensive care in chest trauma (author's transl)
Bronchial asthma and auriculo-acupuncture (author's transl)
Acupuncture and thoraco-pulmonary function (author's transl)
Acupuncture (author's transl)
Vegan diet and lifestyle; a preliminary study of postal questionnaire.
Records of Western Australian plants used by Aboriginals as medicinal agents.
Concept of mental illness among medical students in Nigeria.
Villagers lack faith in western medicine.
The inverse of medicalized health
Integration of health development cooperation into the cultural and socioeconomic context of the operational area: work of the Putina medical team in Peru
Treatment of fractures by traditional healers in Morocco
Public health in China: 1978.
Allied health professions.
Electroacupuncture effects on the field potentials in the caudal part of the spinal trigeminal nucleus evoked by tooth pulp stimulation in rat.
Holistic medicine.
Holistic medicine.
Holistic medicine.
Holistic medicine.
Holistic medicine.
Dexamethasone partially reduces and 2% saline-treatment abolished electroacupunture analgesia: these findings implicate pituitary endorphins.
Vegetarian diets.
Chiropractic: recognized but unproved.
Chinese pills, Cushing's syndrome and drug analysis
The giving of copies of roentgen photos to the patient is correct in principle
Preventive medicine in adults. Fundamentals and prospects
Folk health & illness beliefs.
Medicinal herbs
Swedish physicians can use acupuncture
Chinese medicine yesterday and today
Attitude towards modern and traditional medicine in an Iranian community.
Neurosurgery in the People's Republic of China: a brief commentary.
The use of traditional medicine among patients. An investigation of the use of medicinal plant products and paramedical personnel by patients in a medical ward and by cancer patients
Physiologo-biochemical bases of drug dependence treatment by electro-acupuncture.
Vegetarianism and nutrition.
Recurrent layngeal nerve section for spasmodic dysphonia.
Neurogenic regulation of lipid metabolism in the rabbit. A mechanism for the cholesterol-lowering effect of acupuncture.
Salicylates and homeopathy.
Chuei-Fong-Tou-Geu-Wan in rheumatoid arthritis.
Religious beliefs and psychiatric disorder in Sri Lanka.
Afferent nerve information underlying the effects of electroacupuncture in rat.
Popular concepts about scorpion stings
Holistic medicine.
Bizarre and unusual diets.
Acupuncture treatment of pain: inventory of potential physiological basis
Further study of the neurohumoral factor, endorphin, in the mechanism of acupuncture analgesia.
Clinical observations on several meridian loci in chronic hepatitis and liver cirrhosis in comparison with those in female neurovegetative disorder, pregnancy, and the steroid side-effects syndrome.
The neurophysiological mechanism of acupuncture treatment in psychiatric illness: an autonomic-humoral theory.
Laplace plane analysis of impedance on the H meridian.
Surgical safaris with the East Africa Flying Doctor Service.
An analysis of contemporary East African folk psychotherapy.
"Herbal" medicines and rheumatoid arthritis.
"Herbal" medicines and rheumatoid arthritis.
The influence of naloxone on analgesia produced by peripheral conditioning stimulation.
Can naloxone inhibit the cardiovascular effect of acupuncture?
Psychosomatic illness concept and psychotherapy among the Akan of Ghana.
Ethnopsychiatry and social psychiatry
Acupuncture and anxiety.
Electroacupuncture hypalgesia is mediated by afferent nerve impulses: an electrophysiological study in mice.
Effects of electroacupuncture on thalamic evoked responses recorded from the ventrobasal complex and posterior nuclear group after tooth pulp stimulation in rat.
Plants used by the peoples of the USSR for the treatment of infected wounds
Herbal medicine in the Puerto Rican community.
Warts in the medical folklore of Europe.
Holistic medicine.
The impact of holistic medicine, medical groups, and health concepts.
Can the gap between "alternative nutrition" and "officially recommended nutrition" be bridged?
Vitamin B12 deficiency in the breast-fed infant of a strict vegetarian.
Remarks on J. Baum's paper 'Characteristics of electrostimulation using the Multi-purpose Therapy Apparatus 71.3 for electro-acupuncture analgesia. Praktische Anästhesie 14 (1979) 14-22
Witchdoctor acupuncture.
Motor tics of the head and neck: surgical approaches and their complications.
Impossible to lower cholesterol.
"Herbal" medicines and rheumatoid arthritis.
"Herbal" medicines and rheumatoid arthritis.
"Herbal" medicines and rheumatoid arthritis.
Diet and urinary steroids in black and white North American men and black South African men.
Spirit possession and spirit mediumship from the perspective of Tulu oral traditions.
Potential and effective meaning in therapeutic ritual.
Variations regarding susto causality among the Cakchiquel of Guatemala.
Elementary systems of medicine.
Chinese acupuncture
Main puteri: an indigenous Kelantanese form of psychotherapy.
Principles of nutrition and dietary recommendations for individuals with diabetes mellitus: 1979. Report of the American Diabetes Association.
Treatment of rheumatoid artritis with fasting and a lacto-vegetarian diet
New prospects in the treatment of pain: acupuncture, analgesia by stimulation, electric analgesia
Soft tissue injuries to neck, shoulder, and low-back--permanency?--Direct and cross-examination of plaintiff's chiropractor--deposition testimony.
Brain damage in infancy and dietary vitamin B12 deficiency.
Thais put their faith in folk medicine.
Growth of vegetarian children.
Riboflavin levels in the diet and breast milk of vegans and omnivores.
The effect of acupuncture on physical performance
Electropuncture electroanalgesia in oncology
Urinary sodium and blood pressure in vegetarians.
The effects of stimulation of ear acupuncture points on the body's pain threshold.
The sedative effect of acupuncture.
Vegetarian diets.
Effect of acupuncture reflexotherapy on the hemodynamic state in children in the 1st postoperative day
The witch doctor, the which doctor, and the wish doctor.
Acupuncture points and cutaneous nerves.
Trends in social psychiatry in the Caribbean.
National health policy.
Pennyroyal oil poisoning and hepatotoxicity.
Vegetarian diets in children.
"High" tea.
New approaches to the therapy of dysfunctional uterine hemorrhages
Coca leaves in the customs and medicine of South American Indians
Heavy metals in some Asian medicines and cosmetics.
Hepatitis following acupuncture
Female circumcision--a serious threat to the child.
Respiratory and cardiac arrest under general anaesthesia: treatment by acupuncture of the nasal philtrum.
Change in the blood level of catecholamines and nonesterified fatty acids after acupuncture in the postoperative period
Combination of health-resort treatment and acupuncture in cervical radiculitis
Science and technology for health promotion in developing countries: 1.
Phytotherapy in otolaryngology
Complication of acupuncture.
The AMA meeting--July 1979.
An explication of 'wind illness' in northern Thailand.
Folk concepts of mental disorder among the Lao: continuities with similar concepts in other cultures and in psychiatry.
Some aspects of traditional medicine practised by the Yoruba of Nigeria.
An investigation of the existence of electrically located acupuncture points.
Comments on "laplace plane analysis of transient impedance between acupuncture points Li-4 and Li-12".
Acupuncture for arthritis of the knee.
Vegan mothers with vitamin B12 deficiency.
Acupuncture reflexotherapy in clinical orthopedics and traumatology
Acupuncture: an evaluation in the painful crises of sickle cell anaemia.
Acupuncture in child surgery and pediatrics
Superstition and medical practice.
The interface of dual systems of health care in the developing world: toward health policy initiatives in Africa.
Settlement and sleeping sickness control--a dual threshold model of colonial and traditional methods in East Africa.
The practice of traditional medicine in Africa.
Contribution of traditional medicine to the chemotherapy of cancer.
Barriers between mental health services and Mexican Americans: an examinations of a paradox.
Physiological characteristics of biologically active points.
Investigation of molluscicidal activity of certain Sudanese plants used in folk-medicine. I. A preliminary biological screening for molluscicidal activity of certain Sudanese plants used in folk-medicine.
Investigation of molluscicidal activity of certain Sudanese plants used in folk-medicine. II. Molluscicidal activity of the different morphological organs of Gnidia kraussiana Meisn "abu gotna" family Thymelaeaceae.
Antagonism of acupuncture analgesia by naloxone in unconscious man (author's transl)
The effects of acupuncture analgesia studied on outpatients in a pain clinic (author's transl)
Cooperation of school medicine and traditional medicine in the developing countries, an example for Sweden?
Therapeutic acupuncture for chronic pain.
Nature, importance and indications of chinese acupuncture for practitioners in medicine (author's transl)
Local anaesthetic action of the Chinese medicine "Saiko-Keiski-To".
Subject expectancy and the reduction of cold pressor pain with acupuncture and placebo acupuncture.
Principles of treatment in chiropractic.
Non medical treatment of disease in the Mexican rural environment. Study of the users of a health center C in the Morelos District
Acupuncture treatment of cats.
Medicine's key legislative issues summarized.
Reflexotherapy in the health resort treatment of the Melkersson-Rosenthal syndrome
Reduction of circulating 25-hydroxyvitamin D by antipyrine.
Effect of fasting and lactovegetarian diet on rheumatoid arthritis.
Methods of reflex diagnosis and therapy
Homeopathy--an alternative medicine
Should recurrent calcium oxalate stone formers become vegetarians?
Espanto: a dialogue with the gods.
Demonic explanations of disease among Moroccan Jews in Israel.
Definitions and diagnoses: cultural implications of psychiatric help-seeking and psychiatrists' definitions of the situation in psychiatric emergencies.
Acupuncture as a part of a program of detoxification and weaning from opiates: 25 cases
The physician-patient relationship in the acupuncture treatment of psychosomatic headaches
Unusual use of reflexotherapeutic technics for control of pain in cases of phantom limb. Spinal and supraspinal theory
Acupuncture analgesia in eye surgery
Electro-acupuncture in thoracic and cardiovascular surgery
Possibilities of control of regulation of the function of arteriovenous anastomoses and of capillary blood flow by means of acupuncture
Ernold's neuralgia. Results of treatment with electro-acupuncture and vertebral manipulations
Current status of acupuncture and auriculotherapy
The social history of disease and medicine in Africa. I. Introduction.
A possession psychotherapy in an urban setting: Zebola in Kinshasa.
Definitions of health and illness and medical sociology.
The health care system of Kuwait: the social paradoxes.
Herbal medicine revisited: science looks anew at ancient Chinese pharmacology.
Acupuncture reflexotherapy in treating the complications due to intubation and the long-term presence of the intubation tube in the trachea
Acupuncture analgesia in rats and its changes under the effect of morphine and naloxone
Intake of traditional taenicidal drugs among diabetics and non-diabetics.
Acupuncture--its mechanics.
Hallucinogenic plant use and related indigenous belief systems in the Ecuadorian Amazon.
The ethnobotany of Brugmansia.
Evidence of an ethnomedical form of aversion therapy on the United States-Mexico border.
Home remedies
Effects of stimulation of acupuncture loci Ta-Chuei (Go-14), Nei-Kuan (EH-6) and Tsu-San-Li (St-36) on thermoregulatory function of normal adults.
Simple low cost stimulator for electroacupuncture.
Herbal remedies of the Maritime Indians.
De Plantis Toxicariis e Mundo Novo Tropicale Commentationes. XX. Medicinal and toxic uses of Swartzia in the northwest Amazon.
De plantis Toxicariis e Mundo Novo Tropicale Commentationes. XXI. Interesting native uses of the Humiriaceae in the northwest Amazon.
Interface: holistic health and traditional medicine.
Holistic medicine: from pathology to prevention.
Treatment of periarthritis humeroscapularis by acupuncture (author's transl)
Phytotherapy. Popular remedies and self-treatment of dermatologic diseases in Dakar
Treatment of cervical osteoarthritis with acupuncture
Manipulative therapies against pain (author's transl)
Left-handedness and vegetarianism.
A case for the traditional healer in South Africa.
'Why am I ill? Who made me ill?: the relevance of western psychiatry in Transkei.
The witchdoctor and the bowel.
Components of illness and type of medical practitioner: a comparative study.
A screening of drugs for increasing the resistance against low pressure hypoxia (author's transl)
Topographic correlations between the Chinese craniopuncture zones and the cerebral gyri
Analgesia by way of afferent stimulation. 1. Treatment of headache with acupuncture. 2. Pain treatment or suppression by means of electrohypalgesia
The induction of labour by acupunctural electrostimulation. A new technique and one that is thirty centuries old; a preliminary study (author's transl)
Studies on the effects of variation in the quantities of the constituents of cow's urine concoction on its acute toxicity in mice.
In contact with traditional medicine.
The role of traditional healers in mental health care in rural India.
Parallel medical systems: papers from a workshop on "The Healing Process": introduction.
The dilemma of traditional healing with special reference to Nigeria.
Illness episodes, illness severity and treatment options in a pluralistic setting.
Life careers of Navajo epileptics and convulsive hysterics.
Why do indigenous practitioners successfully heal?
Community and healing among the Zaramo in Tanzania.
Primary health care and traditional medicine--considering the background of changing health care concepts in Africa.
Medico-nutritional practices among Puerto Ricans in a small urban northeastern community in the United States.
Western biomedical and Sibundoy diagnosis: an interdisciplinary comparison.
The treatment of chronic aplastic anemia with testosterone-3, 17-cyclopentylpropionate in combination with Chinese traditional medicine (author's transl)
Anesthesia for replantation of severed upper limbs (author's transl)
Combined auriculo-acupuncture anesthesia in pediatric open-heart surgery
Acupuncture, Electropuncture and lasers in the treatment of low back pain (author's transl)
Acupuncture within the scope of complex balneotherapy for gastrointestinal and associated diseases
Spinal cord injury as a complication of an acupuncture.
Plants and hypotensive, antiatheromatous and coronarodilatating action.
The influence of electro-acupuncture on naloxone-induced morphine withdrawal. II. Elevation of immunoassayable beta-endorphin activity in the brain but not the blood.
Reflex therapy of interscapular dorsalgia
Machakos Project Studies: agents affecting health of mother and child in a rural area of Kenya. XII. Beliefs and practices concerning treatment of measles and acute diarrhoea among the Akamba.
Folk medicine, curing, quackery--laws, prevalence and attitudes
The treatment of acute low back pain due to intervertebral disc lesions (author's transl)
Orthopedic manual therapy--an overview. Part I: the extremities.
Observations on vegetarian dietary practice and social factors: the need for further research.
Report on litigation to house of delegates, American Medical Association.
Holistic health or holistic hoax?
Women in alternative health care. Their influence on traditional medicine.
How primitive people explain disease
Symptomless diverticular disease and intake of dietary fibre.
Interaction between curry ingredient (karela) and drug (chlorpropamide)
Manipulation for back pain.
Manipulation, osteopathy, and back pain.
Normal plasma-1,25-(OH)2-vitamin-D concentrations in nutritional osteomalacia.
Telethermographic evaluation of the use of acupuncture in fibrocystic dysplasia in the painful phase
Problems in the therapy of vasomotor rhinitis
Cooperation between physicians and physical therapists in the complex management of shoulder-arm pains including manual therapy
Acupuncture in heroin addicts; changes in Met-enkephalin and beta-endorphin in blood and cerebrospinal fluid.
Electroacupuncture and peripheral beta-endorphin and ACTH levels.
An urodynamic study of patients with benign prostatic hypertrophy treated conservatively with phytotherapy or testosterone (author's transl)
Abolition by naloxone of the inhibitory effect of peripheral electrical stimulation on the blink reflex
Hot chicken soup for asthma.
Symbols and selectivity: a statistical analysis of native American medical ethnobotany.

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