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October 2022

West Afr J Pharmacol Drug Res. 1979 ; 5(1): 63-9.

Studies on the effects of variation in the quantities of the constituents of cow's urine concoction on its acute toxicity in mice.

Oyebola DD, Adetuyibi A.

Cow's urine concoction of different compositions were prepared by varying the quantities of the active materials: tobacco leaves (nicotiana tobaccum): leaves of occimum viride; rock salt and juice of citrus medica. These modified concoctions were tested for their acute toxic effects in mice by observing how many died as a result of their administration. Log.dose/response curves were plotted and from these curves, the L.D.50 values were obtained and the potency ratios calculated. It was shown that increasing the quantity of tobacco leaves resulted in increasing toxic effect whilst increasing the quantities of leaves of the occimum viride, rock salt and juice of citrus medica caused progressive decrease in the toxic effect of the concoction. The reason for the latter effect is obscure.

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