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October 2022

Scand J Rehabil Med. 1979 ; 11(4): 173-9.

Evaluation of manipulation and other manual therapy. Criteria for measuring the effect of treatment.

Moritz U.

In order to evaluate manipulation and other methods of manual therapy, the literature was reviewed. It was found that the number of publications based on scientific criteria is rather limited. However, with certain reservations it can be concluded that manipulation of the lumbar spine might have an immediate, short-time effect on low back pain in a limited number of patients. The criteria for selection, however, cannot be defined on the basis of the available material. Manipulation has no superior long-term effect as compared to other methods of treatment. The effect of specific, non-manipulative mobilization of the cervical and lumbar spine needs further elucidation. Manual therapy in decreased mobility of the extremity joints has received support from control studies.

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