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October 2022

J Trop Med Hyg. 1979 Nov-Dec; 82(11-12): 242-7.

Investigation of molluscicidal activity of certain Sudanese plants used in folk-medicine. II. Molluscicidal activity of the different morphological organs of Gnidia kraussiana Meisn "abu gotna" family Thymelaeaceae.

El Kheir YM, El Tohami MS.

The molluscicidal activity of Gnidia kraussiana Meisn leaf, stem and root was studied. Each morphological part was extracted with cold and boiling water, different organic solvent and successively with organic solvents of increasing polarity. Throughout it was found that the extracts of the root were the most potent followed by the stem. Boiling water extracts were more potent than cold water extracts, while in case of extraction with different organic solvents, the petroleum ether extracts of the root and stem were the most potent, while for the leaf, the ethanolic extract was the most potent. On successive extraction, the petroleum ether extracts of all organs were the most potent. Saponification of the petroleum ether extract of the root was carried out and the activity of the different fractions were tested. Different extract fractions were obtained from the 80 per cent ethanolic percolate of the root. Some of the physical properties and the phytochemical screening of the successive extractives of the three organs were studied.

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