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September 2022

Minerva Med. 1979 Dec; 70(56): 3831-6.

[Acupuncture as a part of a program of detoxification and weaning from opiates: 25 cases]

Lorini G, Fazio L, Cocchi R, Fusari A, Roccia L.

Presents results of a detoxification and habit loosing program carried out in 25 morphine-like substances addicts (mainly heroine) aged 19-26. The therapeutic treatment based on gabaergic drugs (l-glutamine, sodium valproate and piridoxine), low doses psychodrugs (tricyclics and benzodiacepines) and acupuncture, began in 13 subjects at the hospital and continued at the outpatients' service, while 12 subjects were treated only at the outpatients' service. Follow up: 6 subjects of the hospitalized group free from the addiction (5 subjects from more than 1 year after their discharge); 3 subjects of the outpatients' group abstinent from no more than 4 months after discharge. Biochemical mechanisms involved in this therapeutic program are extensively discussed.

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