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October 2022

Can Anaesth Soc J. 1979 Sep; 26(5): 410-4.

Can naloxone inhibit the cardiovascular effect of acupuncture?

Lee DC, Ichiyanagi K, Lee MO, Clifford DH, Morris LE.

Forty dogs were studied during MAC-1 halothane anesthesia with a chronically implanted electromagnetic flow probe on the ascending aorta. Cardiac output, stroke volume, heart rate, mean arterial pressure, pulse pressure, central venous pressure and total peripheral resistance were determined in addition to Pao2, pH, Paco2 and base deficit. Acupuncture moxibustion with electrocautery at Jen Chung (Go-26) produced a significant (five per cent level) increase in the cardiac output, stroke volume, heart rate, mean arterial pressure and pulse pressure and a significant decrease in total peripheral resistance during a 120-minute period of observation in dogs under halothane anaesthesia. Acupuncture moxibustion at Go-26 following pretreatment with the narcotic antagonist naloxone (1 mg.kg-1) produced a significant increase in cardiac output, heart rate, mean arterial pressure. It is concluded that naloxone, which inhibits the analgesic effects of acupuncture, does not inhibit the symphathomimetic effect of acupuncture or moxibustion at Jen Chung (Go-26) in dogs under light MAC-1 halothane anaesthesia.

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