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October 2022

Wien Klin Wochenschr. 1979 Sep; 91(18): 622-7.

[An urodynamic study of patients with benign prostatic hypertrophy treated conservatively with phytotherapy or testosterone (author's transl)]

Flamm J, Kiesswetter H, Englisch M.

Conservative therapy of benign prostatic hypertrophy comprises the administration of oestrogens, gestagens, androgens and anti-androgens. Phytodrugs, which contain an extract of Sabal serrulatum or Pygeum Africana as active substance are without side effects and are, therefore, being used increasingly. 74 patients with irritable or obstructive bladder symptoms due to benign prostatic hypertrophy were treated with a phytodrug (Sabal serrulatum) or with testosterone throughout a period of three months. In group one (20 patients given phytodrugs and 10 patients given testosterone) clinical symptoms and measurements of residual urine, residual urine quotient, bladder capacity, micturition pressure and maximum urethral closure pressure were recorded at the beginning and at the end of therapy. In group two 28 patients were treated with the phytodrug in the first and third months with an intervening placebo trial lasting four weeks and 16 patients were given testosterone. Clinical symptoms and uroflow and residual urine only were charted in this group. None of the patients in either group showed an improvement in the urodynamic parameters of obstruction, but all patients felt a subjective alleviation of their symptoms.

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