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October 2022

Am J Chin Med. 1979 Autumn; 7(3): 237-40.

The influence of electro-acupuncture on naloxone-induced morphine withdrawal. II. Elevation of immunoassayable beta-endorphin activity in the brain but not the blood.

Wen HL, Ho WK, Ling N, Ma L, Choa GH.

The effect of electro-acupuncture in the treatment of naloxone precipitated morphine withdrawal in mice was studied. Thirty minutes of acupuncture was enough to suppress withdrawal behaviors by more than 60%. Concomitant to the decrease of withdrawal behavior, there was a significant increase of brain beta-endorphin level in the acupunctured animals. Plasma beta-endorphin level of the treated and untreated group was not significantly different.

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