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Bibliography — Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) — 1981

Jury rules for AMA in suit by chiropractors.
What the jurors heard as chiropractic trial concluded.
Medicine 1, chiropractic 0. But the war goes on.
PR: a positive program, not professional rhetoric.
Chiropractors and podiatrists can be held to physicians' standards.
Ethnicity and clinical care: selected issues in treating Puerto Rican patients.
Acupuncture for smoking.
Zur Erforschung archaisch-griechischer "Zeugungslehren".
Kröte und Igel in schwankhafter Literatur des späten Mittelalters.
Daniel David Palmer: rediscovering the frontier years, 1845-1887.
Solon Massey Langworthy: keeper of the flame during the 'lost years' of chiropractic.
The struggle for accreditation in chiropractic: a unique history of educational bootstrapping.
The structural approach to chiropractic: from Willard Carver to present practice.
The roots of cranial manipulation: Nephi Cottam and 'craniopathy'.
In tribute to a living pioneer: Dr. Lyndon Edmund Lee.
Discovering and recording chiropractic history: for a systematic program in the profession.
Para-medical provision in the West Riding.
Two questions about the Tian Sheng bronze statue for acupuncture of the Sung dynasty
The role of a Braucher-chiropractor in an Amish community.
Homeopathy and sexual equality: the controversy over coeducation at Cincinnati's Pulte Medical College, 1873-1879.
Honoring the founder in his country: conception and struggle for Canada's Memorial College.
Consideration for the relation between a book of prescriptions of Chinese traditional medicine "he ji ju fang" and pharmacopoeia] (Jpn).
Concepts of psychiatric interest in Chinese traditional medicine.
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Koniag Eskimo tooth ablation: was Hrdlicka right after all?
Demographic antecedents of a revitalization movement: population change, population size, and the 1890 Ghost Dance.
The legalization of chiropractic in the state of Louisiana.
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The decision to undergo acupuncture treatment: an expansion of the right to privacy.
Lessons from traditional medical and health practices.
The determinants of fertility among Australian Aborigines.
The minorities of Bukidnon. Roots and leaves remain the acceptable family planning device.
Folk methods.
The Subanen of Zamboanga del Sur. Said to be the first tribe to practise birth control.
It's time--go fetch the midwife
Induced abortion in rural Bangladesh: mortality levels and physicians' attitudes.
Complications from induced abortion in Bangladesh related to types of practitioner and methods, and impact on mortality.
Endorphins through the eye of a needle?
Margosa oil poisoning as a cause of Reye's syndrome.
Plasma neutral amino acid ratios in normal man and in patients with hepatic encephalopathy: correlations with self-selected protein and energy consumption.
Back pain and acupuncture.
Conservative therapy of tinnitus (author's transl)
Pain II: new approaches to management.
Acupuncture in China.
Treatment of bronchial asthma
Monoaminergic mechanism of electroacupuncture analgesia.
Effects of cerebral, hypothalamic and hypophyseal peptides on the central nervous system
The beta-carbolines (harmanes) - a new class of endogenous compounds: their relevance for the pathogenesis and treatment of psychiatric and neurological diseases.
Effect of central cholinolytics on the effects of acupuncture
Calcium antagonistic action of a coumarin isolated from "Qian-Hu", a Chinese traditional medicine.
Influence of monoaminergic nuclei in lower medulla and their neurotransmitters on the activity of nociceptive units in spinal cord.
Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease in a lifelong vegetarian.
Yohimbine: renaissance of an old medicine?
Analeptics in traditional medicine anesthesia. I. Synthesis of m-(alkylamino) alkoxylphenyl N,N-dimethylcarbamates (author's transl)
Cytological abnormalities in nipple aspirates of breast fluid from women with severe constipation.
At the centre and on the fringes.
The educational value of participatory evaluation of primary health care programmes: an experience with four indigenous populations in Ecuador.
Simple custom-made disposable surface electrode system for non-invasive "electro-acupuncture" or TNS and its clinical applications including treatment of cephalic hypertension and hypotension syndromes as well as temporo-mandibular joint problems, tinnitus, shoulder and lower back pain, etc.
Central mechanisms of opioid analgesia.
Effect of iontophoretic etorphine and electroacupuncture on nociceptive response from nucleus lateralis anterialis of thalamus in rabbits.
Acupuncture analgesia for surgery--initial experiences in Ibadan, Nigeria.
Caudate nucleus and acupuncture analgesia.
Laser treatment of common diseases in surgery and acupuncture in the People's Republic of China: preliminary report.
Heart-rate variation as a pain indicator in conscious subjects undergoing acupuncture analgesia.
Commonly responsive neurons in the periaqueductal gray matter and midbrain reticular formation of rabbits to acupuncture stimulation, inversion, pressure on body parts and morphine.
Role of the nervous system of the human body with regard to acupuncture analgesia.
General status of traditional medicine in foreign countries (author's transl)
New simple early diagnostic methods using Omura's "Bi-Digital O-Ring Dysfunction Localization Method" and acupuncture organ representation points, and their applications to the "drug & food compatibility test" for individual organs and to auricular diagnosis of internal organs--part I.
Influence of acupuncture on the postoperative complications following ketamine anesthesia. The importance of manual stimulation of point R and shen menn.
A method of assessing the clinical effects of acupuncture.
Public health, traditional Chinese medicine, Western medicine, barefoot doctors and medicinal wisdom in the People's Republic of China
Brain peptides (second of two parts).
Acupuncture potentials
Pain. 2. Clinical aspects.
Non-medical treatments and their outcomes. Part two: Focus on adherents of spiritualism.
Electroacupuncture in the treatment of post-traumatic sympathetic dystrophy (Sudeck's atrophy).
Some current problems in pain research and therapy (including needle puncture, "acupuncture") (Part II of the second John J. Bonica lecture).
Use of needle reflex therapy in the treatment of the pain syndrome of oncology patients
Change in levels of monoamine neurotransmitters and their main metabolites of rat brain after electric acupuncture treatment.
The circular semantic network in Ngbandi disease nosology.
Alternative therapeutic systems in Belize: a semiotic framework.
Healing and cultural transformation: the Tswana of southern Africa
Comparative action of met-enkephalin and gamma-endorphin on the neuronal reactions of the rabbit dorsomedial hypothalamus to electrocutaneous and acupuncture stimulation
Effects of processed Chinese rhubarbs on activities of four digestive enzymes (author's transl)
The effect of processing on the anthracene derivatives in Chinese rhubarb (author's transl)
An investigation on the dosage of herbal drug administration described in the medical works unearthed in Ma Wan Dui tomb of Han Dynasty (author's transl)
Use of laser energy in the treatment of low-back pain syndrome
Homeopathy--specialty or methods?
Observations on treatment of patients with acupuncture needles (author's transl)
The bidirectional regulating mechanism of traditional Chinese medicine
Chronic pain: principles of management.
Fibre and bowel transit times.
Vegetarian diets.
Alternative therapeutics; critical remarks with the report of the Muntendam Committee
Choosing among therapies: illness behavior in the Ivory Coast.
Cultural aspects of mental disorders in Ivory Coast (an ethnopsychiatric approach) (author's transl)
Microacupuncture therapy of pain syndromes of the lumbosacral portion of the peripheral nervous system
How does acupuncture work?
Brain opiates and corticotrophin-related peptides. The Goulstonian Lecture 1980.
Alterations in rat central nervous system endorphins following transauricular electroacupuncture.
Acupuncture and various theoretical indications for its use
Effect of reflexotherapy on central and peripheral hemodynamics in patients with the radicular syndrome of lumbar osteochondritis
Acupuncture: hypnosis or placebo effect?
Effect of intracerebral microinjection of naloxone on acupuncture- and morphine-analgesia in the rabbit.
Nutrient intake and health status of vegans. Chemical analyses of diets using the duplicate portion sampling technique.
The endogenous analgesia system (author's transl)
Models and pragmatism, activation and repetition: reflections on causality of disease in the Senufo people of the Ivory Coast
Endorphins and the occurrence of pain
Diet and urinary excretion of lignans in female subjects.
Primary headaches: reduced circulating beta-lipotropin and beta-endorphin levels with impaired reactivity to acupuncture.
Certain progress in the treatment of coronary heart disease with traditional medicinal plants in China.
Peripheral afferent nerve impulses for conveying electroacupuncture effects on the jaw opening reflex evoked by tooth pulp stimulation in rat.
Lumbar disc disease: comparative analysis of physical therapy treatments.
"Karabadin Medical Handbook" and its author, Zaza Panaskerteli-Tsitsishvili (on the 550th anniversary of his birth)
Manual therapy in degenerative diseases of the spine (author's transl)
Seeking the hidden flaw.
Attitude of Yoruba of Western Nigeria to handicap in children.
Acupuncture and laser treatment in cervical and lumbar syndrome
Radioisotope study of the effect of acupuncture on the articular vascularization of the knee
Changes of cholinergic neurotransmitters in different parts of the rat brain under electro-acupuncture analgesia
Effects of acupuncture analgesia on dopamine-beta-hydroxylase activity in different brain areas and adrenal glands of the guinea pig
Cultural nutrition: anthropological and geographical themes.
Medicine from plants.
First Western medical student to study in China?
Mistletoe hepatitis.
Acupuncture as a cause of death (author's transl)
General practitioner as social anthropologist.
Uvulectomy - an initiation rite?
Acupuncture in retinal arterial occlusion.
Significance of chewing-sticks (miswaks) in oral hygiene from a pharmacological view-point.
Certain mechanisms of the effect of acupuncture on the sympatho-adrenal system of tobacco smokers
Erythrocyte vitamin B12 activity in lactovegetarian pregnant Indian women.
The quack doctor of Serpukhov.
Acupuncture in coronary heart disease. A report of 44 cases.
Traditional concept of epilepsy in Dogon people (author's transl)
Amebiasis associated with colonic irrigation--Colorado.
The problem patient in dermatological practice. Psychomatic aspects (author's transl)
Afferent nerve fiber composition at point Zusanli in relation to acupuncture analgesia. A functional morphologic investigation.
From phytotherapeuticum to phytopharmacon
Encounter with Chinese psychiatry (I). Traditional medicine and psychiatry in China (author's transl)
The contribution of traditional Chinese medicine to rehabilitation medicine.
Use of lead tetroxide as a folk remedy for gastrointestinal illness.
The place of natural healing procedures in general practice
Acupuncture analgesic effects after D.C. blocking of large-sized afferent nerve fibers (author's transl)
Individual variation of acupuncture analgesia in rats and its connections with intracerebral opiate-like substance and serotonin level (author's transl)
Acupuncture anesthesia in neurosurgery.
When is acupuncture justified?
An anachronistic treatment for asthma.
Preliminary studies on the antibacterial properties of essential oil extracts from five folk medicines.
Abuse of steroidal drugs by Homoeopaths and Hakims.
Immunotherapy with glutaraldehyde treated tyrosine adsorbed grass pollen in the treatment of allergic rhinitis.
Ovarian cyst operation under acupuncture anesthesia--analysis of 150 cases (author's transl)
Effect of topical application of oils of amla, coconut, sarson and samsol on growth of rabbit's hair and sheep wool.
Evaluation of acupuncture treatment for sensorineural deafness and deaf-mutism based on 20 years' experience (author's transl)
A study on the composition of afferent fibers at point "Zusanli" in relation to acupuncture analgesia (author's transl)
Innovation in electroencephalography. The use of acupuncture needles as sphenoidal electrodes. A report of observations on 648 cases.
Ventilatory responses to carbon dioxide and hypoxia during acupuncture anesthesia in rabbits.
Intractable pain--the present position.
Pain. The last piece in the puzzle.
Interesting therapeutic use of acupuncture
Vegetarianism--an alternative diet or a crazy fad?
Use of acupuncture in treatment of laminitis in a horse.
Women's role and nursing - lessons from folk medicine. 1
Folk health practices among north coastal Peruvians: implications for nursing.
Hiccups: a passing annoyance or a true problem?
Health services in Colombia
Nursing overseas. Medical safari.
Asian medicine--in the best of traditions?
The role of women and nursing--a lesson from folk medicine. (2)
Traditional medicine.
Getting the point.
Great changes in new, independent Zimbabwe: one kind of health care for everyone - without regard for skin color
Childbirth in remote Papua New Guinea.
Acupuncture reflexotherapy of chronic nonulcerative colitis
Folk medicine in the Netherlands. IV.
Folk medicine in the Netherlands. VI.
Women's role and nursing--a lesson from folk medicine (3)
Problems of health protection for women and children in the developing countries
Treatment methods in nicotinism
Why don't they stop having so many babies?
Homeopathy: health from herbs.
Nursing care of the aged in Israel.
Care of the Mexican-American patient.
Physiotherapy in Singapore.
The nature and status of traditional, non-Western or basic medicine in South Africa
Some aspects of traditional beliefs as they affect tuberculosis treatment.
Transcultural nursing: its progress and its future.
Clinical use of veterinary acupuncture.
Homeopathy: an alternative therapy
Plant medications of popular origin and their implication in the practice and teaching of nursing
Studies on propagated sensation along channels. Present status and future prospects.
Volvulus of the stomach successfully treated with acupuncture report of 9 cases.
Helium-neon laser irradiation of acupuncture points in treatment of 50 cases of acute appendicitis.
Observation on treatment of post-operative anal pain with embedded needle.
Observation on the effect of acupuncture treatment in 300 cases of primary trigeminal neuralgia.
The effect of acupuncture in curing the smoking habit, 210 cases.
Ascorbic acid and iron nutrition.
chiropractic utilisation in the United States.
Current status of the pain clinic
The efficacy of acupuncture as an aid to stopping smoking.
From acupuncture to embryology
Pain -- a biodontic concern.
A model for evaluating cariogenicity applied to vegetarian diets.
Diet and reproductive hormones: a study of vegetarian and nonvegetarian postmenopausal women.
Oral diseases and systemic diseases--holistic medicine
Experience with using reflexotherapy in treating Sjögren's syndrome
Effect of acupuncture on afferent nerve
The dental folk remedies in the folklore of Shinetsu district (author's transl)
Homeopathy in dentistry
Basic and practical steps in acupuncture and needle anesthesia
Acupuncture and smoking.
Scientific basis of acupuncture.
The technique and use of chewing stick.
Spirit possession in the Cook Islanders.
People's Republic of China hosts the Detroit Dental Clinic Club.
Anesthesia due to "wine consumption until the nose bleeds'
Acupuncture pain therapy in dentistry
Analgesic effect of superficial meridian stimulation
Immunotherapy with short ragweed fraction A:D-glutamic acid:D-lysine polymer in ragweed hay fever.
Effect of electroacupuncture on signs of emotional stress caused by pain
Regional anesthesia by conduction anesthesia and reflexotherapy technics in the acute readaptation period following antiorthostatic hypokinesia
Use of reflexotherapy for treating endocrine forms of sterility
Treatment of acute cervical pain--a comparative group study.
Myofascial trigger points: relation to acupuncture and mechanisms of pain.
Acupuncture in phantom limb pain.
Current concepts in pain control.
Local intranasal immunotherapy for ragweed allergic rhinitis. II. Immunologic response.
Pre-scientific medicines: their extent and value.
Electrostimulation-analgesia and neurolept analgesia during aorto-coronary bypass operation. A comparative haemodynamic study (author's transl)
A study of the role of socio-cultural factors in the treatment of mental illness in Nigeria.
Rural dwellers and health care in northern Nigeria.
Clinical effectiveness and mechanism of action of electroacupuncture of the ear in rheumatoid arthritis
Attachment for the Elita-4 electroacupuncture apparatus
Role of the dorsomedial hypothalamus in mechanisms of stimulation and electroacupuncture analgesia
Reflex suppression of evoked nociceptive responses in the parafascicular complex and posterior ventromedial nucleus of the thalamus in cats during electroacupuncture
Effect of met- and leu-enkephalins and their synthetic analog on stimulation and acupunture analgesia
The treatment of pain by acupuncture: neurophysiological basis and clinical approach (author's transl)
The effect of electric acupuncture treatment on urinary MHPG-sulphate excretion in unmedicated schizophrenics.
Effect of motropin and naloxone on electroacupuncture analgesia
Distribution and characteristics of non-government health practitioners in a rural area of Bangladesh.
Social phenomena and the planning of nutrition education programme.
Acupuncture and electrostimulation. A meeting between East and West
Electropuncture treatment of juvenile hemorrhages
Effectiveness of electroacupuncture in children with postoperative and post-traumatic pain syndrome
Natural medicine and rheumatic diseases
Mutagens in feces from vegetarians and non-vegetarians.
Ibn-Sina (Avicenna) and folk medicine
The invention of the stomach pump. An ethnomedical report of the question of priority
Piedra de mijada, jade. A medico-historical look at lithotherapy
Alternatives to inhalation anaesthesia.
The effect of dietary supplements of omega 3 polyunsaturated fatty acids on the fatty acid composition of platelets and plasma choline phosphoglycerides.
Towards a political economy of health: a critical note on the medical anthropology of the Middle East.
Underdevelopment, demographic change, and health care on the Navajo Indian Reservation.
Homeopathic 'firsts' in South Africa.
History of naturopathy (I). Naturism as the philosophical basis of naturopathy. Introduction: what do we mean by naturopathy?
Effect of ingestion of meat on plasma cholesterol of vegetarians.
The ethnobotany of the Northern Cheyenne Indians of Montana.
Ceramic evidence for prehistoric Datura use in North America.
Physician-chiropractors: medical presence in the evolution of chiropractic.
Virgil and medicine.
Isaac Bashevis Singer; medicinal fiction.
The religious and medicinal uses of Cannabis in China, India and Tibet.
A new look at old wives.
Homeopathy in American History: A commentary.
Should zinc be added to textured vegetable protein?
Effectiveness of acupuncture.
Sun Ssu-Miao (Si miao).
Lichenoid sarcoidosis on skin tattoos produced by traditional herbal treatments
Clinical application of an oral zinc tolerance test.
Lenin's theory of reflection and methodological problems of physiology and reflexotherapy
Reflexotherapy in the obstetrical clinic
Comparison of bupivacaine, etidocaine, and saline for trigger-point therapy.
Arrow poisons in China. Part II. Aconitum--botany, chemistry, and pharmacology.
Irish Ethno-botany by Michael Moloney--an early contribution to the concept of ethnopharmacology.
The earliest history of Chinese acupuncture
The Mexican plant zoapatle (Montanoa tomentosa) in reproductive medicine. Past, present and future.
"What is to be done? Burning questions of our movement".
Godly medicine: the ambiguities of medical mission in southeast Tanzania, 1900-1945.
Medicine and the Andes
Acupuncture management of chronic facial pain. A double-blind cross-over study
Acupuncture therapy of chronic unilateral tinnitus. A double-blind cross-over study
Anesthetic effects of acupuncture.
Folk medicine uses of melanotic Asiatic chickens as evidence of early diffusion to the New World.
Unproved remedies for treating the deaf.
The survival of traditional medicine in lay medical views: an empirical approach to the history of medicine.
Pain--a review.
Development and current status of the Department of Pharmacology and Phytotherapy
Religion, medicine, politics and spices.
Holistic programs for the drug addict & alcoholic.
Is ginseng a drug?
AMA 1981 annual meeting report. Acupuncture.
"New-enlarged therapeutic dirt pharmacy" (1696/1734) of the court and town physician Christian Frantz Paulini
Effect of tobacco smoking in pregnant women on the course of pregnancy and labor and on the indices of normal development of newborn infants and children
Physicians, pharmacists and folk medicine in Nis during the Turkish occupation (19th century)
Oddments in dental history: mixed medicines for cure of the toothache and whatever else ails you. Treatment in Turkey of 1861.
Vitamin B12 status on a vegetarian diet. A clinical review.
Oriental medicine: a computerized study of complex recipes and their components: analysis of prescriptions used in the traditional medicine of Japan and Korea.
Protective effects of Carica papaya Linn on the exogenous gastric ulcer in rats.
Studies on the phenomenon of latent propagated sensation along the channels. I. The discovery of a latent PSC and a preliminary study of its skin electrical conductance.
Comparison study between acupuncture and pentazocine analgesic and respiratory post-operative effects.
Changes of the jaw opening reflex activity by electroacupuncture stimulation in rat.
An experimental study on the enhancing effects of phenylalanine on acupuncture analgesia.
Endorphins: mechanism of acupuncture analgesia.
Oriental drugs and herbs (crude drug) for psychosomatic diseases.
Studies on the phenomenon of latent propagated sensation along the channels. II. Investigation on the lines of LPSC on the twelve main channels.
Endocrinological basis of acupuncture.
Effects of needle stimulation of acupuncture loci Nei-Kuan (EH-6), Tsu-San-Li (St-36), San-Yin-Chiao (Sp-6) and Chu-Chih (LI-11) on cutaneous temperature and pain threshold in normal adults.
The acupuncture treatment of neck pain: a randomized controlled study.
Yin, Yang and the right to privacy: acupuncture and expertise: a challenge to physician control.
Med-Chi goes to Machu Picchu.
Tolerance to electroacupuncture and its cross tolerance to morphine.
A controlled clinical trial for testing the efficacy of the homeopathic drug eupatorium perfoliatum D2 inthe treatment of common cold (author's transl)
The effect of reflexotherapy on complaints after cholecystectomy
Changes in skin temperature after acupuncture
Acupuncture in breast diseases. How, when and why
Holistic medicine: toward a new medical model.
Stamps commemorating medicine: "Indian folk art: the Medicine Man".
Acupuncture treatment in psoriasis
Homeopathy not antagonistic but cooperative
Breast augmentation by acupuncture.
Traditional African medicine and eradication of smallpox.
Socio-economic characteristics of an Amazon urban healer's clientele.
Traditional concepts and customs on pregnancy, birth and post partum period in rural Korea.
African customs in relation to preventive medicine.
Analysis of maternal deaths in the Central Region of Malawi.
School medicine and naturopathy- place in holistic medicine
Traditional Indian medicine in practice in an Indian metropolitan city.
Abrupt change in head position and cerebral infarction.
Traditional childbirth practices: implications for a rural MCH program.
Acupuncture analgesia and acuthesia--its economic aspect.
Indications for acupuncture reflexotherapy of neurological diseases
Electrode potentials of acupuncture needles made of different metals
Phytotherapy of cerebral venous insufficiency
Methods of controlling the action of reflexotherapy
Chiropractic and child care.
Acupuncture in the People's Republic of China.
Coin rubbing and related folk medicine.
Vietnamese attitudes towards maternal and infant health.
Effect of ear-acupuncture on the LH-concentration in serum in patients with secondary amenorrhea (author's transl)
The iron and zinc status of long-term vegetarian women.
Effect of vegetarianism on the zinc status of pregnant women.
Nutritional vitamin B12 deficiency in infants.
Acupuncture reflexotherapy of late pregnancy toxicosis
Medical care and cardiology in the People's Republic of China.
Classical acupuncture in the treatment of rhinitis vasomotorica and rhinitis pollinosa
The physician as interpreter: ascribing meaning to the illness experience.
Antifertility activity of Montanoa tomentosa (Zoapatle).
Treatment of sleep disorders in chronic hydrocarbon poisonings
Physiologic and analgesic effects of acupuncture in the dog.
Local intranasal immunotherapy for ragweed allergic rhinitis. I. Clinical response.
Use of acupuncture reflexotherapy in intestinal obstruction
Chemotaxonomy of Erythroxylaceae (including some ethnobotanical notes on Old World species).
Computed tomographic metrizamide myelography in spinal disease (author's transl)
Physicians practicing alternative medicine: nature therapists should be physicians. It is often wise to start with flexible methods . Interview by Tapani Kosonen.
Remedios caseros: Mexican American home remedies and community health problems.
Ethnicity and folk healing in Honolulu, Hawaii.
Hot-cold classification: theoretical and practical implications of a Mexican study.
Colonialism and international health: a study in social change in Ghana.
Private health care providers in rural Bangladesh.
Professional associations, ethics and discipline among Yoruba traditional healers of Nigeria.
Political-economic structures-approaches to traditional and modern medical systems.
Allopathic medicine, profession, and capitalist ideology in India.
Traditional and modern medicine in Malaysia.
Health policy and traditional medicine in Singapore.
Traditional and modern medical systems.
Introduction: relations between traditional and modern medical systems.
Political economy, cultural hegemony, and mixes of traditional and modern medicine.
Potential for the differential correction of night sleep structure by acupuncture therapy
Reflexotherapy in treating asthma patients taking hormonal preparations
Electro-acupuncture modification of halothane anaesthesia in the dog.
Reversal by acupuncture of cardiovascular depression induced with morphine during halothane anaesthesia in dogs.
Perspectives in obstetric care for Zimbabwe.
Medicinal plant use. A survey.
The urban n'anga in practice.
Holistic medicine.
The meaning of nervios: a sociocultural analysis of symptom presentation in San Jose, Costa Rica.
Sleeping blood, tremor and paralysis: a trans-cultural approach to an unusual conversion reaction.
Naloxone reversal of acupuncture analgesia in the monkey.
Psychoanalysis, shamanism and cultural phenomena.
Trace minerals, amino acids, and plasma proteins in adult men fed wheat diets.
Cupping lesions simulating child abuse.
Once more, with feeding.
A Hausa herbal pharmacopoeia: biomedical evaluation of commonly used plant medicines.
High density lipoprotein cholesterol. Normal values, influence of vascular risk factors and of a vegetarian diet (author's transl)
Technical assistance in psychiatry in Senegal (author's transl)
Non verbal approach in transcultural psychiatry (author's transl)
Cultural perception of epilepsy in Senegal (Cap-Vert and river district) (author's transl)
Note about Caledonian ethno-medicine (author's transl)
Curing power, or the restoring myth (author's transl)
Law-medicine notes: Acupuncture, the practice of medicine, and the right to demand medical services.
Folk medicine and superstition among the Kabyles in Algeria
A health outreach to a refugee camp: perspectives for would-be volunteers.
Primary health care in the People's Republic of China.
Principles and definitions in epidemiology (author's transl)
Nutritional consequences of a vegetarian diet
Vegetarianism, a new lifestyle in Québec
Statement regarding acupuncture by the Medical Council of the Academy of Sciences of the German Democratic Republic.
Holistic medicine: is it all good?
Effect of diet on excretion of estrogens in pre- and postmenopausal women.
Environmental factors and breast and prostatic cancer.
Choice of intensity and side of stimulation in lateralized diseases in acupuncture (author's transl)
Stevens-Johnson syndrome: report of a case involving indigenous herbs.
The principles and practice of the N'anga.
Commercial pharmaceutical medicine and medicalization: a case study from El Salvador.
Prophets and advisors in black spiritual churches: therapy, palliative, or opiate?
Analgesia for experimentally induced pain: multiple sessions of acupuncture compared to hypnosis in high- and low-susceptible subjects.
Apropos V. K. IarovoÄ­'s article, "Ambulatory chiropractic treatment method in the acute manifestations of cervical osteochondrosis"
Improved acoustic apparatus for finding biologically active points
The integration of scientific and traditional healing. A proposed model.
Clinical pharmacology in developing countries.
A pediatric perspective on vegetarian nutrition.
Contact dermatitis from a permanent acupuncture needle.
Acupuncture for the relief of painful muscle spasms in dystonic cerebral palsy.
Mode of action of GCE: an active anticancer principle isolated from an indigenous plant Gymnosporia rothiana Laws.
Nitrogen and sulphur elimination in 24 hours urine by elderly Indians.
Hypocalcaemia in a mother and rickets in an infant associated with a Zen macrobiotic diet.
The Xhosa healers of Southern Africa. I. Intlombe and Xhentsa: a Xhosa healing ritual.
Low density and high density lipoprotein kinetics and sterol balance in vegetarians.
Jaw opening reflex affected by electroacupuncture in rat.
Neurophysiology at the Shanghai Institute of Physiology.
Acupuncture -- the state of the art.
Medicine in China
The production of warts by suggestion as a cultural phenomenon.
Parent reactions to childhood malignant diseases: experience in Sweden.
Mother-infant interaction: implications for adolescent mothering.
Diagnostic errors and failures of chiropractic therapy
Acupuncture in anesthesia
Phytate content of foods: effect on dietary zinc bioavailability.
Professional knowledge and attitudes on vegetarianism: implications for practice.
An anthropometric and dietary assessment of the nutritional status of vegan preschool children.
Possibilities of rheoencephalography in the diagnosis and treatment of migraine
The use of lasers in acupuncture. Biological and therapeutic effects
Spectrum analysis of the electroencephalogram during electrohypoalgesia (combined with electroacupuncture) and pharmacological anesthesia
Functional esophageal pathology and therapy with acupuncture and reflexotherapy. Initial therapeutic results
Critical considerations on the use of acupuncture in a group of heroin addicts
Dysmenorrhea. Acupuncture treatment of 40 cases coming to our attention. Clinical note
Treatment of hiccups with acupuncture in anesthetized and conscious subjects
Reflexotherapy in idiopathic nocturnal enuresis. Clinical note
Acupuncture and micro-massage in the treatment of idiopathic nocturnal enuresis
Effect of electroacupuncture analgesia on various biochemical changes in children in postoperative and post-traumatic periods
Acupuncture as a method of regulating human sleep at night
The treatment of pain by acupuncture. The riddle of acupuncture and the place of the acupuncturist in the pain-team.
Acute bicarbonate intoxication from a folk remedy.
Puerto Rican espiritismo and psychotherapy.
Folk healing: a description and synthesis.
Hormone content in the plasma of women with threatened abortion treated by acupuncture
Effect of reflexotherapy on normalizing autonomic endocrine regulation in threatened abortion
Modern and traditional medicine: the case of Mali.
Dermatologic uses of lasers in China.
Complication of a vegetarian diet in a breast-fed girl (author's transl)
Witch doctors among the Lapps
Possible mechanisms of peripheral stimulation analgesia. Neurophysiologic and neuropharmacologic studies
Uvulectomy in Nigeria.
Acupuncture reflexotherapy of painful contractures in children with fractures in the elbow joint region
On the stability of homoeopathic dilutions in glass and plastic containers (author's transl)
Lead poisoning and traditional practices: the consequences for world health. A study in Kuwait.
Content of trans-octadecenoic acid in vegetarian and normal diets in Sweden, analyzed by the duplicate portion technique.
Acupuncture and homeostasis: physiological, physical (postural) and psychological.
The treatment of dysmenorrhea by acupuncture.
Effect of acupuncture on adrenocortical hormone production in rabbits with a central lesion.
Needle stimulation of acupuncture loci Chu-Chih (LI-11) and Ho-Ku (LI-4) induces hypothermia effects and analgesia in normal adults.
A preliminary report on an attempt to modify behavior of untamed ponies by acupuncture.
Effect of reflexotherapy on the restoration of autonomic endocrine function in menstrual cycle disorders
Reflexotherapy of the climacteric syndrome
The N'anga, the guardian of the Shona way of life, its ethics and behaviour.
Radiological manifestations of ritual-enema-induced colitis.
Factitial Dermatitis--Cao Gio.
Analysis of 51 cases of acute non-lymphocytic leukemias treated with combined program of Chinese traditional medicine and HOAP (author's transl)
Experiences of aged physician of Chinese traditional medicine: "treatment according to its symptom" in several chronic inflammatory diseases (author's transl)
Chiropractic by non-physicians
Do we need an "alternative medicine?"
Dermatobia hominis--in Belize.
Holistic medicine--a view from the fence.
Studies on medicinal plants of Sri Lanka: occurrence of pyrrolizidine alkaloids and hepatotoxic properties in some traditional medicinal herbs.
Folk remedies as indicators of common illnesses: examples from the United States-Mexico border.
Scientific evidence on the role of Ayurvedic herbals on bioavailability of drugs.
Acupuncture and the right to privacy.
Chlorinated hydrocarbon pesticides in blood of newborn babies in India.
Causality and classification in African medicine and health.
Causality and classification in African medicine and health. I. Introduction.
The need for a taxonomy of health in the study of African therapeutics.
Therapeutic signs and prose of life in black Africa
Knowledge of illness and medicine among Cokwe of Zaire.
Unity in diversity in a polyethnic society: the maintenance of medical pluralism on Mauritius.
Kutambuwa ugonjuwa: concepts of illness and transformation among the Tabwa of Zaire.
The unsystematic alternative: towards plural health care among the Kikuyu of central Kenya.
Multidimensional structure of healing in Kinshasa, capital of Zaire
Therapy as a system-in-action in northeastern Tanzania.
Aspects of clinical practice and traditional organization of indigenous healers in South Africa.
The creation of medical knowledge: some problems in interpretation.
The importance of knowing about not knowing.
Alternative medical services in rural Tanzania: a physician's view.
Causality and classification in African medicine and health. Observations from general practice.
Attempts to coordinate the work of traditional and modern doctors in Nairobi in 1980.
Bell's palsy (prevention and treatment)
Enuresis, homoeopathy, and enhancement of the placebo effect.
The child-adolescent blood pressure study: I. Distribution of blood pressure levels in Seventh-Day-Adventist (SDA) and non-SDA children.
Urban Philippine healers and their contrasting clienteles.
Acupuncture in the treatment of pain
Perichondritis of the ear auricle after acupuncture (author's transl)
Acupuncture in otolaryngology
Studies on antihemorrhagic principles in the crude drugs for hemostatics. II. On antihemorrhagic principle in Sanchi Ginseng Radix (author's transl)
Studies on the herb medical materials used for some tumors. II. On the constituents of Hedyotis corymbosa Lam (author's transl)
Acupuncture in endarteritis obliterans of the lower limbs
Deficiency symptoms in children kept on a strict vegetarian diet
Psychiatry in China. Doubts about Freud, various forms of herbal medicine and Western psychotropic drugs
Evaluation of the traditionnal Arabic technique of couching in the treatment of cataract in Mali (author's transl)
A hypothesis on the etiological role of diet on age of menarche.
Combined analgesia in multiple trauma patients
Poison hemlock
Endorphin release as mechanism of acupuncture analgesia.
Disease classification in rural Ghana: framework and implications for health behaviour.
Methods used in induced abortion in Bangladesh: an anthropological perspective.
Diagnosis and cure: the resort to traditional and modern medical practitioners in the North Solomons, Papua New Guinea.
Non-use of physicians: methodological approaches, policy implications, and the utility of decision models.
Roasting, smoking and dieting in response to birth: malay confinement in cross-cultural perspective.
Evaluation of acupuncture in rheumatoid arthritis
The effect of a virtually cholesterol-free, high-linoleic-acid vegetarian diet on serum lipoproteins of children with familial hypercholesterolemia (type II-A).
Native medicine in southeast Alaska. Tsimshian, Tlingit, Haida.
Acupuncture and histamine
Traditional medicine and its promotion in the Zimbabwean village Nyabanga, Inyanga district.
Cupping as a remedy against aching and pain
Electroacupuncture: Effects on digastric muscle activities in the rat jaw-opening reflex.
A people's movement for health and family planning.
Storage of DDT and BHC in adipose tissue of Indian males.
The sociopsychiatry of espiritismo: findings of a study in psychiatric populations of Puerto Rican and other Hispanic children.
Why not consider acupuncture?
Research note: a prospective St Lucian folk medicine survey.
The role of women in traditional healing among the Bambara of Mali.
Oesophageal strictures induced by herbal preparations.
Prevention of serum hepatitis in acupuncture reflexotherapy
Combined treatment of discogenic lumbosacral radiculitis
Means of correcting the hypophyseal-ovarian disorders in chronic salpingo-oophoritis
Traditional Indian Medical systems as a field of study for medical geographers.
Holistic Medicine: rethinking attitudes toward health care.
Bioavailability of iron from different meals.
Thaumaturgical saints in phlebology in the Department of La Manche
Nickel in acupuncture needles.
Internal medicine and rural medicine in West Africa
Nonsurgical removal of gallstones in China: a blend of Chinese and western medicine.
Plasma cholesterol and blood pressure in vegetarians.
Studies on anti-inflammatory agents. IV. Anti-inflammatory constituents from roots of Panax ginseng C.A. Meyer (author's transl)
Holistic medicine.
Laing's 'conspiratorial' theory of mental illness and folk societies.
Effect of needling on the hemodynamic alterations in experimental acute myocardial infarction (author's transl)
Factors responsible for under-utilization of available health services by the rural people in Nigeria.
Dietary intakes of urban and rural pregnant, lactating and non-pregnant, non-lactating vegetarian women of Varanasi.
Therapeutic technics for the cervical spine
Yoruba traditional healers' knowledge of contraception, abortion and infertility.
The effect of electroacupunture on evoked activity in the maxillary nerve at the level of the cerebral cortex
Back to nature in medicine?
Oriental medicine: a computerized study of complex recipes and their components: herbs most frequently used in traditional Japanese and Korean medicine.
Serotoninergic mechanisms of the hypothermia induced by clerodenron fragrans (Ventenaceae) in the rat.
Light microscopic morphology of low resistance skin points in the guinea pig.
Role of the subsequently activated receptors in electro-acupuncture of the rat.
Acupuncture analgesia for upper gastrointestinal endoscopy: a Lagos experience.
A method of electro-acupuncture treatment for equine intestinal impaction.
Residents' awareness of folk medicine beliefs of their Mexican patients.
Emotions and psychopathology: an indigenous theory
Modern and traditional fertility regulation in a Mexican community: the process of decision making.
The traditional birth attendant in seven countries. Case studies in utilization and training.
Sudan: replacing TBAs by village midwives.
Christian votive tablets made from metal. A contribution to the history of theurgic medicine
Informing the public--with facts and folk tales.
Vitamin B12 deficiency due to a low-cholesterol diet in a vegetarian.
Native American medicine. Thoughts for posttraditional healers.
Visual hallucinations and psychosis associated with the leaf of the castor oil tree.
Professional association with chiropractors.
Acupuncture treatments for pain relief.
Cervical manipulation.
An approach utilizing information from traditional medicine to identify tumor-inhibiting plants.
Pollutants in breast milk of vegetarians.
Treatment of migrain blanche and ophthalmique with blocks of the superior cervical ganglion. A positive study on 84 patients (author's transl)
The practice of allergy in the People's Republic of China.
The China syndrome.
Cranial operations in Kenya

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