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Climatotherapy at the dead sea : where are we in 1997 ? (Indications and contra-indications)

Journal/Book: XXIe Congrès international de Thalassothérapie Hammamet (Tunisie) 30 janvier-2 février 2000 S. 83. 2000;

Abstract: J. SHANI V. SEIDL A. BURDO E. HRISTAKIEVA D. STANIMIROVIC M. HARARI Deutsches Medizinisches Zentrum Ein Bokek Israel The Dead Sea represents an unique combination of geo-physical factors for climatotherapy of a wide range of dermatological rheumatological and general indications where natural and weakened ultraviolet B irradiation and hypertonic magnesium-rich brine are treatments of choice. In addition other natural factors i.e. the high salt concentration of the sea the dense oxygen-rich haze the relaxing atmosphere and the ecological determinants contribute to a situation where healing and recovery are safe effective and pleasant reaching a high patient compliance rate. Other concomitant factors like the effect of intensive irradiation with sunlight and the supervision of a whole medico-socio and psychological team are also from some relevance in the spectacular results obtained during the 4-week stay in this area. Near to psoriasis atopic dermatitis arthritis and vitiligo new indications may be soon discovered by learning more about the mechanism of the physiopathologic changes during the stay at the lowest point of the earth. Contrary to treatments with PUVA retinoid cytotoxic agents or steroids compounds the protocol treatment used at the DMZ Clinics for many years has only a few contra-indications precautions and side effects. On an economic level a 4-week treatment at the Dead Sea was shown to be more cost-effective than hospitalization and is the preferable method for most patients interviewed. However shorter treatment period could be as effective than longer if the patients are carefully selected. In conclusion the Dead Sea provides a natural and effective alternative almost without any chemical drugs promoting the meaning of natural photo- and balneotherapy to their highest level. (International J Dermatology 36:481-492 1997) wt

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