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October 2021

Qualitätsmanagement – eine Chance für Effizienz im Gesundheitssystem und biologische Therapieverfahren?

Abstract: The presentation of this work highlights different levels of Quality Management Systems converging on health care. It becomes obvious that QM-Systems are nothing new, but they are ideally suited to optimize systems irrespective of their nature. Already in naturally developing structures and processes, forms and functions optimize themselves to the law of smallest measure of force.In the industry, they successfully raised quality assurance and improved the quality of products for the consumer.QM-Systems in health care, however, assume special significance. The existence of ethical and moral values predominate strongly the accompanying enterprising criteria. Further, compared to any produced goods, the product (health) is tied to biological principles and processes, thereby representing another "Product Quality".During the observation of chronic diseases at the level of biological control processes of the cell and the cell matrix, it becomes evident, that QM-Systems are already a part of the biological-evolutionary base principles.Following QM-Criteria, the timely scientific endeavour of this century is also applied to therapeutic concepts. Obviously therapeutic processes (presently mostly methods applied in holistic medicine), which intimately involve theoretic innovations (cybernetics, synergetics and non-linear thermodynamic of irreversible processes) will attain significance with increased efficiency for future health care systems.

Keyword(s): Gesundheitssystem

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