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September 2021

Zum Training von Herz und Kreislauf Körperliche Bewegung und Magnesiumorotat

Abstract: Physical exercises and a good form are eminent protecting factors for the heart and the circulation. Other protecting factors like magnesium and orotic acid could be absorbed with food. To enhance eminent steps of the cell metabolism supplementation of magnesium orotate is additionally required. Orotic acid is due to stimulate the formation of highly energetic phosphates (ATP, ADP), to fix the magnesium ion in the cell and to increase the energetic level. These are cell maintaining effects of magnesiumorotate for the chronic affected heart. They prevent the destruction of the myocardial cells. Persons which are psychically burdened loose magnesium as well as persons which are having heart trouble. They all must attend to intake magnesium orotate periodically. Magnesium orotate is recommended to sportsmen in order to optimate their performance. Not only they will profit by the therapy but also patients which suffer from chronic heart disease, from cardiac disrhythmia, from cardiac insufficiency and from hypertonia as well as patients with disturbances of the metabolism of glucose and lipids.

Keyword(s): Herzschutzfaktor Magnesiumorotat

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