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September 2021

Ernährung und Allergien -Erfahrungen mit medizinischer Ökologie

Abstract: Besides immediate allergies (raised IgE, RAST), masked allergies are of great importance for the development of allergies and other chronic diseases, including mental diseases (brain allergy), subject of the Clinical Ecology developed by Th. G. Randolph, Chicago.The masked allergy runs according to the three phases of the adaptation-syndrome (Hans Selye) and shows up as food intolerance (visible as addiction), weakening the immune system, preventing therapy often it leads to a particular sensitivity resulting in chronic diseases including MCS, CFS, cancer, AIDS ...Mostly, the favourits of the civilisation diet are intolerable. The proof and elimination of allergenes and the rotation diet (4-days-rhythm) show the way to individually balance the body's ecology, which also results in good mental health.Some of the causes of masked allergies are environmental influences, pyrrolury (an inherited dysfunction of metabolism with a constitutional lack of Vitamin B6 and zinc) and lack of enzymes (genetically or toxic) and others?Clinical ecology is the base of environmental medicine in the USA and has become of growing interest in Germany, too.

Keyword(s): Medizinische Ökologie

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