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January 2023

Clinical gait analysis with force plates including double-stride-parameters

Journal/Book: Disorders of Posture and Gait Ed. By Brandt Th. Paulus W. Bles W. Dieterich M. Krafczyk S. Straube A.; G. Thieme Verlag Stuttgart New York 1990 S. 32 - 36. 1990;

Abstract: Neurologische Universitätsklinik Klinikum Grosshadern D-8000 München 70 FRG Introduction Functional clinical gait analysis by observation is an important part of clinical assessment with patients suffering from distortion of locomotor system. Comparative studies however proved that the precision necessary for objective findings can not be achieved this way. For a long time has therefore existed request for automated gait analysis to objectively assess clinically relevant disorders of gait. Concerning simplicity and amount of time necessary the method should be suitable for clinical routine use. In biomechanical gait laboratories three different kinematic and kinetic methods have been worldwide well tried to examine the mechanisms involved in human gait. These methods are based on the measurement of: 1. Angular range of joints involved (optical goniometry) 2. Activity of defined muscles / muscle groups (surface EMG) 3. Ground reaction forces (GRF) during stance phase. Combining these methods many basic properties of human gait could be understood better; also detailed analysis of fast motions in sports medicine is possible. As this requires a great deal of technical devices and time and because of difficult interpretation of data measured there has been little success yet to achieve clinical use. To reach this goal the limitation to one of the above mentioned methods seems necessary. Furthermore not mathematical but clinical interpretation of the data is important. This study describes our experiences hitherto by exclusive measurement of GRF during double stride... hl

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