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November 2022

Die Summe von Reizen im Grundregulationssystem

Journal/Book: Ärztezeitschrift für Naturheilverfahren. 1990; 31/10: 772-778.

Abstract: Pathergic diseases (allergies of the instant or retarded type, chronic progressive inflammations, but also malignomata) develop on the basis of severe disorders of the primary unspecific immune functions in the cell-milieu system, the basic regulation system according to Pischiger. Such deranged resistance has only seldom a monocausal origin (e.g. through severe traumata of the brain) the by far greatest portion of these dysfunctions is due to multiple exposures to most different toxics the effects of which sum up in the basic system, because on the unspecific level the response to all stimuli is always in the same time it could also be demonstrated that summations of stimuli are also possible in other regulation systems. On the second level of resistance, the immune system, such processes can be demonstrated, if various toxic with similar specific mechanism of action coincide. The knowledge of such summations of stimuli opens the way to the causal therapy with the aim to restore the normal immune functions. In this way, healing of severe chronic systems diseases is often possible, but at least a considerable mitigation of their course.

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