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December 2022

Die Bedeutung von Mineralstoffen für den menschlichen Organismus

Author(s): Baier, A.

Abstract: According to current thinking; minerals may be divided into those present in abundance and the so called; "trace elements" The cations sodium; potassium; calcium; and magnesium as well a-; the anions chloride; phosphate and sulphate are present in abundance. The trace elements are great in number despite their relative low total body content. Five trace elements; iron; iodine; fluorine; manganese and zinc, are discussed in this article. Other trace elements include arsenic; cobalt; chromium; copper; molybdenum silicon; tin; and vanadium.In contrast to organic substances; trace elements are neither synthesized nor consumed by the body. However; they are subject to continuous metabolic incorporation and exchange. Their essential function is based on their specific role in various metabolic processes.The minimal daily requirements of trace elements depend on the physiological conditions of the organism (growth; pregnancy; lactation etc.) as well as on environmental factors. An interaction between trace elements and other dietary constituents may influence the bioavailability of any given trace element. A trace element deficiency; which may be the result of either decreased intake; decreased absorption; or disturbed metabolism from a chronic disease; may result in a specific symptom-complex of dysfunction. Similarly; an increased exposure to a given trace element may also cause disease.

Keyword(s): Mengenelemente

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