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January 2023

Neue wissenschaftliche Erkenntnisse der Sauerstoff-Mehrschritt-Therapie

Journal/Book: Ärztezeitschrift für Naturheilverfahren. 1990; 31/4: 299-303.

Abstract: The paper deals with the energetic efficiency of man in relation to age and the possibilities for increasing the efficieny by means of the oxygen-multi-step therapy (SMT) which essentially effects an improvement with respect to the entery of the cells through the formation of enery-rich phosphates and opening the microcirculation. Possigilities are discussed to achieve an optimum timing of the processes of the oxygen multi-step therapy for all stages of life. The SMT becomes increasingly important in the treatment of cancer as an adjuvant method to the classical concepts of treatment. In case of asthma bronchiale Zaltenbach has combined HEckel´s fever therapy with the SMT. The possible formation of free oxygen radicals in the SMT should make necessary the prophylactic administrations of vitamine E and C in a higher dosage than till now required.

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