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March 2023

Untersuchungen bei leichtgradig eingeschränkter Pumpfunktion des linken Ventrikels unter Therapie mit Mitroton

Author(s): A. , H., O. , D., A. , S., M. , B., M. , C., E. , R., R. , F., H. , S.

Journal/Book: Ärztezeitschrift für Naturheilverfahren. 1990; 31/2: 99-106.

Abstract: Ten patients with a clinical insufficiency of a NYHA stages II and III showing a reduction of the left-ventricular pumpage to an ejection fraction of 35% were treated with a saturating dosis of 6000 MSE Mitroton. With a single isotope dosis it was possible to perform controls after 1.5 hrs, 3hrs and 4hrs and that by means of monitoring radioactive isotopes (MRI, scintigraphy) within the innter space of the heart. These investigations revealed a significant increase of the left-ventricular ejection fraction with a simultaneous decrease in the period of time for the ejection. However, in contrast to comparative investigations with digitalis glycosides Mitroton did not prolong the PQ time and the PQ time in the simultaneously recorded ECG; also the heart rate was not influenced. Thus, the possibility of treating a medium degree heart insufficiency with moderate reduction of the pumpage with Mitroton appears to be assured.

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