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The influence of calcium-containing mineral waters on the urinary composition

Journal/Book: Urol. Res. 15: 125 (1987).. 1987;

Abstract: Chr. Gutenbrunner Institut für Kurmedizinische Forschung Langemarckstraße 2 D-3590 Bad Wildungen Abstracts of the 13th Urolithiasis Symposium Bonn - Vienna Vienna (Austria) March 26-28 1987 The use of mineral waters especially with high content of calcium in renal stone formers is still controversial. Therefore we investigated the influence of a Na-Mg-Ca-HCO3-Cl-CO2-water (Wildunger Helenenquelle) on the urinary composition in 12 healthy subjects undergoing 24 h constant bed rest. The food consisted of equally distributed portions of a standardized low-protein diet. The mineral water was given in three portions: 700 ml at 9.00 350 ml at 13.00 and 17.00. For controls tap water was administered to the same test persons under the same conditions. The urine was collected during 24 h in 6 4-h-probes. Beside urinary volume pH and osmolarity the content of Na K Ca Mg urate oxalate phosphate citrate sulfate and Cl were measured. The results showed compared with tap water an increase of osmolarity during forenoon which was compensated by lower values in the night. The urinary calcium concentration was significantly increased from 15.00 to 3.00 however the concentrations of magnesium and citrate were significantly increased as well. The oxalate excretion values were altogether very low according to the low nutritional oxalate intake however the oxalate concentrations were higher in the night after the application of the mineral water. The calculation of the quotient Ca x Ox : Mg x Cit as well as of the AP (CaOx) showed that the higher Ca-concentration is overcompensated by the increased Mg- and citrate-values however the differences were not significant. Calculating the quotient Ca : Mg x Na x Cit the values were significantly decreased during 24 h after the first mineral water application. It is concluded that a mineral water with high Ca-content containing additionally HCO3 Mg and Na does not increase the risk of stone formation.

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