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October 2021

Strategies for parent-centered counseling of the young

Journal/Book: Creative Child and Adult Quarterly. 1987; 12: 103-110.

Abstract: Presents an overview of a parent-centered approach to counseling emotionally disturbed children, which contends that parents can be taught how to play an active role in their child's therapy. The program emphasizes the importance of helping parents understand the rationale and associated motivation behind their child's misbehavior. Parents are instructed to use a structured program that delineates when to implement particular behaviors that provide positive involvement. Parents are also exposed to positive parenting principles in group settings or through individualized parent training. Creative Arts Therapy is described as an approach for counselors to guide their involvement in play therapy.

Note: parent centered approach to counseling; emotionally disturbed children; implications for creative arts therapy

Keyword(s): Counseling ; parental role; emotionally disturbed; children ; art therapy

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