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October 2021

Niehans'sche Zelltherapie auf dem wissenschaftlichen Prüfstand

Journal/Book: Ärztezeitschrift für Naturheilverfahren. 1987; 28: 515-520.

Abstract: In 1957 and 1976 the Board of Scientific Advisers of the Federal Board of Physicians submitted an opinion against the cell therapy.Results of an investigation an the cell therapy obtained by the group "Kanzow" at the Cologne University Hospital for Internal Medicine were then utilized without being checked.However, a careful analysis of this study revealed that approved scientific rules of control had been disregarded and that the experimental methods showed severe deficiencies with regard to accuracy, thoroughness and carefulness. It is therefore impossible to check and to repeat these experiments.Therefore, the investigations of the Kanzow group cannot be considered to represent a scientific contribution to the cell therapy.In a review the Board of Scientific Advisers should consistently reject this wrong concept.The new group which will be convened should also include experienced cell therapeutists practising this procedure of treatment. Only a balanced panel for the discussion will make it possible to find the truth about the cell therapy which has bindingly to be recommended publicly.

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