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January 2022

Zytochemischer Nachweis von Veränderungen des Differentialblutbildes im Verlauf der Oxyvenierungstherapie

Journal/Book: Erfahrungsheilkunde. 1985; 34; Heft 5:

Abstract: Repeated intravenous application of pure oxygen (10-60 ml per day, over a period of several weeks) causes, as a rule, considerable changes in the white blood count of man. These changes can cytochemically be exactly determined by a fully automatic haematologic analyser (Technikon H 6000) counting approximately 20 000 white blood cells of a fluid whole blood sample.After 22 intravenous oxygen dosages in the average, 20 not especially chosen patients showed an increase of their total leucocyte count per cubic millimeter of blood by 59%, eosinophils increasing by 1026% and basophils by 77%. The absolute number of the other cell types remained practically unchanged. The relative increase of the eosinophils was 5.2% to 33.5%, and of the basophils 0.81% to 0.86% only.

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