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August 2022

Comparison of Ecological Testing with the Vega Test Method in Identifying Sensitivieties to Chemicals, Foods and Inhalants

Author(s): Swierczek, J., Wood, A.

Abstract: The bioenergetic method, Vega Test II (VT II) used for ecological testing is now becoming a new objective technique in identifying sensitivities to a variety of antigens. No study, however, has been performed to compare classic ecological testing (ET)-intradermal and sublingual-with the new method. Therefore; the aim of our study was to find out the correlation between neutralizing doses determined by both methods in the same group of patiens and for the same compounds tested Double testing was performed in 43 patients with multiple sensitivities. In a total number of 227 tests, 183 were sub lingual and 44 were intradermal. In 66 percent of VT II the neutralizing dose was exactly the same as in ET. Despite a positive clinical history, in 42 tests which make up 18.7 percent of the total, ET was negative whereas VT II showed useful neutralizing doses. In two tests, VT II was negative whereas ET showed only a pulse rate change. In 34 tests, VT II showed lower dilution for neutralizing doses than that by classic ecological testing:

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