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August 2019

Ergometrische mechanokardiographische und spirometrische Untersuchungen an Patienten mit PCP M. Bechterew bzw. Arthrosen während einer dreiwöchigen Radon-Thermal-Kur. (Ergometric mechanographic and spirometric studies in patients with PCP ancylosing spondilitis and arthrosis during 3 weeks of radon-thermal-treatment.)

Journal/Book: Z Phys Med Baln Med Klim. 1984 (Sonderheft 1);13:77-81.. 1984;

Abstract: It was under diskussion if during a tree-weeks health treatment in a radon-thermal spa relevant changes in the cardio-pulmonary system can be proved that give reason for the subjective improvement in the patients health. The test was done with 8 patients suffering from Bechterev´s disease 8 patients with polyarthritis and 6 patients with arthrosis deformans. These tthree groups were compared with a group of 8 healthy nontrained persons. A modern spa-therapy took place for a three-week health treatment. The result shows that in all 4 groups therapy had no effect on B.P. neither systolic nor diastolic compared to the starting point of B.P. no effect on LV-Myocardiac function shown by carotid-sphygmography no measurable trainig effect on the heart rate. Also vitalcapacity and Tiffeneautest revealed no significant changes.

Keyword(s): Radon

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