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February 2020

Music and the Organism - Approaches to therapy for sick people

Journal/Book: Musiktherapeutische Umschau. 1984; 5: STUTTGART. G. Fischer Verlag. 83-93.

Abstract: When we take a closer look at how everything hangs together, we find that the whole cosmos - of which we ourselves are part - is a vast inter- connected system of vibrations working harmoniously together and finely tuned to each other. Together they produce what sounds like a universal chord. Man's self-consciousness developed out of his subconscious - as is clearly evident from his speech as the expression of his self-consciousness - but by overem- phasis of self-consciousness and neglect of all that is not accessible to it, i.e. the whole of the subconscious, he has disturbed the harmony between these two forms of consciousness and thus denaturised the use of his own body. The intellect disregards the language of the emotions, the instincts and the body; intellect and emotions have become strangers to each other. Music therapy makes use of the recognised fact that the outer world functions as a "time- piece" of the system of vibrations common to all organisms; with a wide range of possibilities to draw on, it aims to exert a harmonizing influence from outside on the disturbed inner rhythms expressing themselves in disturbances of the functions controlled by the unconscious. ABSTRACT TRUNCATED

Keyword(s): Universal-chord, consciousness, time, inner-rhythms, vibrations, illness.

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