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April 2020

Music as a stimulus for creative fantasy in group psychotherapy with young adolescents

Author(s): Stevens, Ted

Journal/Book: Arts in Psychotherapy. 1984; 11: 71-76.

Abstract: Explored the effect of music as a stimulus in creative storywriting in an ongong inpatient group psychotherapy with young adolescents, aged 10-14 yrs. While short segments of music were played, each group member was instructed to compose a story of his/her choice. As the musical selections changed, the stories were rotated among group members to allow each to write part of every story. Clinical examples are cited to illustrate the utility of the technique as a projective diagnostic tool and as an aid in promoting positive interaction and group cohesion. It is suggested that this technique may be useful in cases where group members are typically known to exhibit inappropriate interpersonal behaviors. The task may serve to modulate externalized feelings, provide alternatives to acting out, and encourage positive interactions. It was observed that Ss who were scapegoated or rejected by peers in traditional verbal group psychotherapy, as well as in the general inpatient milieu, were more readily accepted as members of the creative expression group through their participation in the exercise. (14 ref)

Note: music; creative storywriting; 10 14 yr olds in group psychotherapy

Keyword(s): Music therapy; literature ; group psychotherapy; creativity ; school age children; adolescence ; childhood

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