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March 2023

Grozen shoulder: Differential Acupuncture Therapy with point ST-38

Author(s): Weigel, A., Stux, G.

Journal/Book: American Journal of Acupuncture. 1980; 8: 65-69.

Abstract: Self-treatment of acute headache - usually by means of drugs - is effective in about 50 % of the patients. Acute coping of tension headache has even less positive results than coping of migraine. In severe cases treatment will be carried out by medical practitioners or seldom in specialized out-patient pain or headache clinics. Usually intravenous analgesics or vasoactive substances are applicated. Even this management will nor give complete or longer lasting remission, especially in chronically, ill patients. Side effects like sleepiness, or circular reactions are limiting factors of outdoor drug treatment. Therefore a pilot study should investigate the therapeutic possibilities of a short and simple acu-stimulation strategy, that could be performed by any medical doctor without the need of a special training.According to the periosteal approach of stimulation according to YAMAMOTO an economic approach of acupuncture in acute headache was introduced. Each patient was needled at the position Extrapoint 2 bitemporally (Ex 2; Tayin and Tayang). After a shortperiostealprick- of 2 seconds the needle was withdrawn to a position half of the depth for 10 more minutes. The result was rated finally by, the patient on a 10-point Visual Analog Scale (V4S).All patients (n = 16; 13f, 2 m; age 23,7 (10-43) years) improved after a 12 min treatment. Headache lasted 576 hours before the intervention. Pain intensity was diminished within 14.4 min from 5.6/10 to 0.6/10 on a 10-point analog scale. Neurological and vegetative symptoms disappeared completely,. Even nighthwork, could be continued directly afterwards.A simple 1 needle approach to severe acute headache was described. Efficacy, was at least equivalent or even superior compared to usual medical coping procedures. Furthermore the method is economic, safe and easily, to learn even for every medical professional without special acupuncture knowledge.

Keyword(s): Einnadel-Akupunktur

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