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January 2023

Thermoregulation und Thythmus - theoretische Betrachtungen zur Thermoregulationsdiagnostik

Journal/Book: Physikalische Medizin und Rehabilitation. 1980; 21:

Abstract: The soma-cells of the human organism as open systems are far away from the thermodynamic balance. Besides, -the kinetic of the material reactions that are taking place in the cells Is of such a nature that the state of cellular vitality is characterized by biochemical oscillation. The dissipative time structures show several classes of frequency that are related to the degree of structural complexity of the oscillating intermediates.Due to the stochastic causal principle the rhythmic order Is not to consider as being permanent Phase diffusion, for Instance, not only reduces the intracellular order of the rhythm but also that between neighbouring cells of an organ. An extra-cellular factor for carrying an is required. To this end rendering the blood circuit rhythmed which is achieved by the vegetative nervous system gives rise to an intermittent material Input at the sites of the somacells. The pattern as to time and amplitude of the vegetatively induced intermittent Input determines the quality of the process of carrying an and thus the degree of the order with respect to time. Only the coexistence of the material order and the order of time allows to consider an order of the whole to be cogent The vegetative rhythm function correlates with the vegetative activities that nerve thermoregulation, e.g. in the consensual vasoconstriction.

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