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October 2021

Acid-Base Patterns in Lean and Obese Subjects during Total Fasting

Journal/Book: Res. exp. Med. 168 243-250 (1976). 1976;

Abstract: 1. Medizinische Universitätsklinik Kantonspital Basel CH-4000 Basel Switzerland Summary: During prolonged starvation blood gas analyses an 24 lean and 78 obese subjects were performed. A statistically significant sex difference of acid-base status was found in that lean females were more acidotic after 4 - 6 days of fasting than lean males. This sex difference was abolished by severe and long-standing obesity since females suffering from this condition were not significantly different from lean and obese males. Out of 78 obese patients fasted for 1 - 4 weeks 8 had one or more pH values below 7.30. It is concluded that regular blood gas analyses are indicated in all patients subjected to prolonged total fasting. ___MH

Keyword(s): Fasting - obesity - metabolic acidosis - Sex difference - Serum potassium

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