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Sudomotor and vasomotor responses to changing environmental temperature 1

Journal/Book: Reprinted from JOURNAL OF APPLIED PHYSIOLOGY Vol. 20 No. 3 May 1965. 1965;

Abstract: Department of Physiology Stritch School of Medicine and the Graduate School Loyola University Chicago Illinois McCOOK R. D. R. D. WURSTER AND W. C. RANDALL. Sudomotor and vasomotor responses to dranging environmental temperature. J. Appl. Physiol. 20(3): 371-378. 1965.-Male subjects clad only in shorts were exposed in a climate chamber to a slowly rising ambient temperature while sweating cutaneous volume pulses and skin tympanic membrane and oral temperatures were simultaneously recorded. Mean skin temperature was continuously computed electronically. After sweating and vasodilatation had become well established the copper screen bed an which the subject reclined was rapidly moved from the hot chamber into another 20-30 C cooler. The onset of neither sweating nor vasodilatation could be accurately correlated with tympanic membrane temperature since the latter was observed to be either increasing unchanged or even falling during the period of recruitment. In some experiments vasodilatation preceded sweating while in others it followed. When the subject was rapidly moved from the hot environment to the cold sweating promptly stopped on all of the test areas and profound vasoconstriction appeared on the palm. Nonpalmer areas however showed little or no immediate change in the amplitude of the volume pulses. Mean skin temperature invariably started to fall but only by a few tenths of a degree when cessation of ... schö

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