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September 2022

Work Speed as a Measure of an Equivalent Exercise Stress in Subjects of Different Weights

Journal/Book: Circulation Volume XXXII December 1965. 1965;

Abstract: B. VAN LINGEN M.D. P. D. SEAWARD M.B. B.CH. AND W. A. ODENDAAL D.Sc. With the technical assistance of I. M. Kennedy From the Physiology Division of the Pneumoconiosis Research Unit Council for Scientific and Industrial Research Miners' Medical Bureau Braamfontein Johannesburg South Africa. Summary The use of work speed as opposed to work load as a predictive variable for heart rate during steady state submaximal exercise increased the correlation and decreased the standard error of the prediction around the regression live. In addition the relationship of pulse rate and work speed was shown to be independent of body weight while the relationship of pulse rate and work load was influenced by the body weight. The establishment of a submaximal exercise test which would be an equivalent physiologic stress in subjects of different weights would require that they perform exercise at a similar work speed rather than at a constant work load. Such recommendations in addition are at variance with those previously made in regard to subjecting individuals of different weights to an equivalent exercise stress. ___MH

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