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September 2022

Free fatty acid responses to tilting after water immersion1

Journal/Book: J. Appl. Physiol. 20(3): 395-397 1965. 1965;

Abstract: Aerospace Medical Research Laboratories Aerospace Medical Division AFSC Wright-Patterson Air Force Base Ohio Received for publication 10 July 1964. 1This paper has been cataloged by the Aerospace Medical Research Laboratories as AMRL-TR-65-77. Water immersion is accompanied by decreased urinary excretion of noradrenaline and is followed by orthostatic intolerance. The latter has been postulated to result from impaired noradrenaline metabolism. Such an impairment would produce in addition a diminished rise in plasma free fatty acids in response to tilting. This response was measured in normals after office control water immersion and exposure to a thermal environment identical to that found in the immersion facility. The plasma free fatty acid response to a tilt is impaired after water immersion as would be expected if sympathetic nervous system dysfunction is involved in postimmersion orthostatic intolerance. ___MH

Keyword(s): hypodynamics - orthostatic intolerance - orthostasis - sympathetic nervous system - noradrenaline - cathecholamines - simulated o G

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