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Effects of altitude acclimatization and deacclimatization on bone and marrow volume in dog1

Journal/Book: Am. J. Physiol. 209(2) : 347-352 1965.. 1965;

Abstract: Department of Oral Biology School of Dentistry State University of New York at Buffalo Buffalo New York Received for publication 28 February 1964. 1 This work was supported in part by the U. S. Navy Bureau of Medicine and Surgery Task MR 005-08-1200 Subtask 1. A substantial portion of this work was done at the U. S. Naval Radiological Defense Laboratory San Francisco and the University of California High Altitude Research Station Big Pine Calif. Skeletons of altitude-acclimatized altitude-deacclimatized and sea-level control dogs were completely analyzed for water fat and nonfatty organic and inorganic fractions. The total skeletal and marrow volumes as well as their contents were calculated and compared. Neither the marrow volume nor the bone (trabecular and cortical) volume was affected by the altitude changes. The relative distribution of marrow and bone in the various parts of the skeleton was also unchanged. Marrow fat in the whole skeleton as well as in the individual parts of the skeleton was lowered on acclimatization and increased on deacclimatization. Of the fat lost one-third was from the flat bones while one-half of the fat deposited on deacclimatization occurred in flat bones. The marrow water as well as the functional marrow (fat-free by definition) in either the whole or the various parts of the skeleton was increased on acclimatization and decreased on deacclimatization. ___MH

Keyword(s): skeletal contents - marrow contents

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