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October 2022

Blood Pressure During Physical Work in a Group of 221 Women and Men 48-63 Years Old

Journal/Book: EXCERPTUM Acta Medica Scandinavica. Vol. 178 fasc. 1 1965. 1965;

Abstract: From the Department of Clinical Physiology Karolinska Institutet at Serafimerlasarettet Stockholm Sweden Submitted for publication January 25 1965. Summary Indirect blood pressures were measured at rest and during and after exercise an a bicycle ergometer in a normotensive group of 103 women and 80 men between the ages of 48-63 years. This examination was done also an a group of 22 women and 16 men within the same age range with an elevated resting blond pressure. The values agree in general with those from previous intra-arterial measurements made an the same age group. Women and men attained the same systolic and diastolic pressure at a given relative load but attained a differing pressure at a given heart rate. Of the 38 subjects with an elevated resting blood pressure 8 had a normal exercise pressure reaction. Of these 8 7 showed no or insignificant EGG changes and probably had a functionally elevated resting blood pressure. ___MH

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