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Exercise Electrocardiograms Recorded Twice with an 8-Year Interval in a Group of 204 Women and Men48-63 Years Old

Journal/Book: Acta Medica Scandinavica. Vol. 178 fasc. 1 1965 EXCERPTUM. 1965;

Abstract: From the Department of Clinical Physiology Karolinska Institutet at Serafimerlasarettet Stockholm Sweden Submitted for publication January 25 1965. Summary Twenty-one females and 14 males with an elevated resting blood pressure and 96 females and 73 males with a normal resting blood pressure between the ages of 48-63 years were examined twice with an interval of 8 years. ECG s were recorded both at rest and during and after exercise an a bicycle ergometer. The ECGs were classified according to a modified "Minnesota code". The frequency of S-T depressions and premature beats increased from the first to the second examination. The frequency in various age groups is discussed. Segmental S-T changes of the minimal type e. g. a change of form in the segment without any measurable depression observed at the first examination progressed often into a more marked type at the second one. Consequently this type should be notified. The frequency of subjects with an initially completely normal ECG who exhibited segmental changes 3 min. after exercise 8 years later was about 20 %. The frequency of subjects with a strictly functional depression during or after exercise at the first examination who 8 years later had developed segmental S-T depression was also about 20 %.The importance of distinguishing between these two types of S-T changes is stressed. S-T Segment changes occurred independently of premature beats. ___MH

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