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October 2022

STUDIES ON SULFATION FACTOR (SF) ACTIVITY OF HUMAN SERUM Serum SF in hypopituitarism and acromegaly

Journal/Book: ACTA ENDOCRINOLOCUICA 36 577-595 1961. 1961;

Abstract: Department of Endocrinology and Metabolism Karolinska sjukhuset Stockholm The sulfation factor activity (SF activity) of human serum has been estimated in patients with hypopituitarism and acromegaly using an improved assay method. Although occasional SF values were within the normal range both groups differed significantly from normal. Two patients with metastatic breast cancer one with acromegaly and five with juvenile diabetes mellitus had significantly decreased SF activity after hypophysectomy and in six of these patients the serum SF activity could not be distinguished from zero. The serum SF fell to zero levels in three patients followed before and after hypophysectomy. The decreased serum SF activity in four patients with hypopituitarism was brought to normal by human growth hormone. Four of six pituitary dwarfs had decreased serum SF activity. In the other two dwarfs the SF levels were at least low normal but could not certainly be distinguished from normal. Four patients with selective or total hypopituitarism had normal or decreased serum SF levels. A group of 11 patients with acromegaly in nine of whom the disease was considered active had increased mean serum SF activity. Decreased Serum SF levels in cases of hypopituitarism were found in patients with a normal production of adrenocorticotrophin thyrotrophin or pituitary gonadotrophin or substituted with thyroid adrenal or gonadal hormones. ___MH

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