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February 2019

BRONCHOSPIROMETRY IV. Ambient-Air and Oxygen-Recording Bronchospirometry

Journal/Book: Reprinted from The JOURNAL OF LABORATORY and CLINICAL MEDICINE St. Louis Vol. 40 No.3 Pages 410-430 September 1952. 1952;

Abstract: *Medical Corps Army of the United States Boston Mass From the Physiology Laboratory Thoracic Surgery Service Sanatorium Division of the Boston City Hospital Mattapan and the Department of Surgery Boston University School of Medicine; and from the Thorndike Memorial Laboratory Second and Fourth Medical Services (Harvard) Boston City Hospital and the Department of Medicine Harvard Medical School. SUMMARY Previous work an ambient air spirometry was reviewed and its application to bronchospirometry was discussed. Three systems for ambient air breathing and continuous recording of respiratory excursions were described. The first permits constant room air breathing and recording of respiratory excursions the second makes possible instantaneous switching to conventional oxygen rebreathing spirometry without interruption of recording while the third allows for analysis of expired air after spirometry. A bronchospirometer was described which contains twin drum-balloon systems for room air and conventional oxygen recording spirometry as well as visible low-resistance respiratory valves and ventilographs for integration of differential ventilation. Three normal volunteers viere examined by ambient air bronchospirometry followed by conventional oxygen breathing. The relative oxygen uptake for the two lungs remained unchanged. . . .

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