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May 2019

BRONCHOSPIROMETRY III. Complications Contraindications Technique and Interpretation

Journal/Book: Reprinted from The JOURNAL OF LABORATORY and CLINICAL MEDICINE St. Louis Vol. 40 No.2 Pages 223-251 August 1952. 1952;

Abstract: From the Physiology Laboratory Thoracic Surgery Service Sanatorium Division of the Boston City Hospital Mattapan and the Department of Surgery Boston University School of Medicine the Thorndike Memorial Laboratory Second and Fourth Medical Services (Harvard) Boston City Hospital and the Department of Medicine Harvard Medical School and the Physiology Laboratory Veterans Administration Hospital Rutland Heights Massachusetts Reprinted from SUMMARY Complications of bronchospirometry were few in number. Among 107 patients who received topical anesthesia with Forrestier's solution there were no toxic reactions. Forty per cent of patients with bronchial asthma showed an allergic response. Among 753 patients who received 2 per cent tetracaine pharyngeally and 0.25 per cent tetracaine intratracheally 0.3 per cent had a mild toxic reaction and 44 per cent of asthmatics showed an allergic response in the form of an acute attack. Of 97 patients with tuberculosis who received a barbiturate atropine morphine and Forrestier's solution preoperatively 48 per cent had a febrile reaction and 8.3 per cent showed an extension of disease by roentgenogram. Of 333 patients with tuberculosis who received only a barbiturate followed by dilute tetracaine anesthesia 21 per cent showed a febrile reaction and 0.3 per cent showed a spread of disease. . . .

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