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March 2021

Additiver Effekt venentypischer Hydrotherapie nach Kneipp und lokaler Arnika-Anwendung bei Patienten mit chronisch venöser Insuffizienz - Synergismus naturheilkundlicher Therapien

Journal/Book: Erfahrungsheilkunde. 2001; 50/6: 357-363.

Abstract: The possible synergism of vein-typical hydrotherapy according to Kneipp and topic arnica-treatment was investigated by a doubleblind randomised clinical trial with 100 patients with chronic venous insufficiency.Both hydrotherapy and combined therapy were found to be successfull with regard to the proofed objective and subjective parameters. The combined therapy however showed a significant better result than the monotherapy. This may be caused by a additive or synergistic effect of hydro- and phytotherapy in this case. Looking to newer aspects of the pathophysiology of chronic venous insufficiency and new results about arnica-effect in inflammatory diseases the possible role of transcriptionfactors (e.g. NF-KB) in the pathogenesis of chronic venous diseases is discussed.

Keyword(s): Chronisch venöse Insuffizienz

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