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February 2021

Analgesic effectiveness of subcutaneous carbon-dioxide insufflations as an adjunct treatment in patients with non-specific neck or low back painA pragmatic, open, randomized controlled trial

Author(s): Dillner, A., Franke, A., Resch, K.

Journal/Book: Complementary Therapies in Medicine. 2001; 9/2: 68-76.

Abstract: Objectives: To evaluate the analgesic effectiveness of subcutaneous carbon-dioxide insufflations in addition to standard physical treatment in patients with non-specific neck or low back pain. Design: A pragmatic, randomized controlled trial. Setting: Rehabilitation hospital inpatients. Interventions: Patients received either subcutaneous carbon-dioxide insufflations (10 treatments) and standard physical treatment or standard physical treatment only. Outcome measures:Affective pain perception (42-point scale), sensory pain perception (30-point scale), pain intensity (I 00 mm visual analogue scale). Results: Between-groups differences were -2.2 [95% CI -5.2; +0.9] (affective pain perception),-1.2 [-3, 0; + 0.7] (sensory pain perception), and -6.5 [-14;+1.0] (pain intensity) respectively in favour of subcutaneous carbondioxide insufflations. Conclusions: Subcutaneous carbon-dioxide insufflations do not seem to be a worthwile adjunct in the given setting of inpatient rehabilitation.Trials in a monotherapeutic setting, which aim more at the efficacy of subcutaneous carbon-dioxide insufflations, might help to solve this issue.

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