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February 2021

Efficient Action of Sleep Pillows** in Patients Suffering from Non-Organic Sleep Disorders - a Pilot Study

Author(s): Wolf, A., Büter, B., Schrader, E., Brattström, A.

Journal/Book: Forschende Komplementärmedizin u. Klassische Naturheilkunde Research in Complementary a.Classical Natural Medicine. 2001; 8/5: 299-304.

Abstract: Objective: Sleep disorders may critically affect working performance and quality of life. Sleep pillows have been traditionally used to overcome such disorders. Scientifically based clinical trials to demonstrate the efficacy are missing. Methods: 28 patients with problems falling asleep and/or staying asleep not related to psychiatric or organic diseases were investigated in an accredited sleep laboratory. The diagnosis was confirmed by polysomnography. After 2 and 4 weeks of treatment the polysomnography was repeated to document any influences by the sleep pillows. Results: The polysomnographic records showed a monotonic trend to regain an age-related distribution of the non-REM sleep stages. The REM sleep phase increased nearly twofold; however, the norm values were not reached within the 4-week period of treatment. Sleep pillows of intensity 2 were superior to those of intensity 1; a further increase to intensity 3 did not create any additional effect. Conclusion: The results demonstrate an effective treatment of non-complicated sleep disorders with sleep pillows, which has been shown with objective measurements in a sleep laboratory.

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