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February 2021

Can Homeopathy Be Integrated in a University Hospital?

Author(s): Kruse, S., Naske, K., Dittloff, S., Reinhardt, D.

Journal/Book: Forschende Komplementärmedizin u. Klassische Naturheilkunde Research in Complementary a.Classical Natural Medicine. 2001; 8/4: 213-218.

Abstract: Background and Objective:The Dr. von Hauner Children's Hospital Munich has conducted a pilot project for 4 years, aiming at the integration of homeopathic concomitant treatment into daily clinical practice. This study was carried out to clarify whether the project is successful and accepted by physicians, nurses, and parents. Methods: Questionnaires, all standardized and anonymous, were handed out to 137 physicians, 212 nurses and paramedics, and 1,048 parents of children treated at the hospital. Results: 69% of the physicians appreciated concomitant homeopathic treatments, more than 60% believed the integration of homeopathy is suggestive, 75% saw a need for clinical research in homeopathy. 25% of the staff now had a more positive view towards homeopathy. 63% of the parents appreciated concomitant treatment, but only 19% are willing to participate in double-blind studies. Conclusions: Integration of homeopathy in a university hospital is possible. Therapeutic work should be accompanied by scientific research.

Keyword(s): Alternative Methoden

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