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March 2021

Test-Retest-Reliability and Validity of the Kinesiology Muscle Test

Author(s): Kunz, B., Seeber, N., Ring, J.

Journal/Book: Complementary Therapies in Medicine. 2001; 9/3: 141-145.

Abstract: Objectives: To assess the test-retest-reliability and validity of the Health Kinesiology muscle test. Patients: Seven patients with clinically and allergologically confirmed wasp venom allergy. Design: Four Health Kinesiology-examiners tested each patient in a random order for 10 verum and I 0 placebo bottles. All examiners used the anterior deltoid as indicator muscle. Patients and examiners were completely blinded. Outcome Measures: Weak muscle holds were rated as ´sensitivity' towards the test substance, stable holding as normal (not sensitive). Results: An overall kappa of 0.03 (95%-CI: -0.02-0.07) indicates the test is not reliable. Individual kappas do not substantially vary from examiner to examiner. Sensitivity and specificity were estimated at 40% and 60%. Conclusions: The results suggest that the use of Health Kinesiology as a diagnostic tool is not more useful than random guessing. This should at least be true in patients with insect venom allergy that are tested by examiners with average skills.

Keyword(s): Applied kinesiology

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