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November 2021

Changes of pH-values of skin and physiological parameters at sauna-bath

Journal/Book: XXIe Congrès international de Thalassothérapie Hammamet (Tunisie) 30 janvier-2 février 2000 S. 22. 2000;

Abstract: M. MATEJ A. KOCINGER J. KOLESAR Slovthermae Slovak Therapeutic Mineral Spas Resorts Bratislava Slovakia The authors state that the sauna bath will increase the value of pH differently on various places of skin. The value of pH achieves the highest rate after sauna bath then it decreases. Sebum values declined significantly immediately after sauna-bath. In spite of the returning trend even after one hour they were significantly lower in comparison with the initial values. Humidity of skin rised significantly on the forehead and cheeks immediately after sauna-bath. The results of the research show that the total body temperature is better defined by tympanal measurement. Whereas the pulse frequency rised significantly no significant rise of systolic blood pressure occured but the diastolic decline was significant. Despite the significant changes the measured parameters did not exceed the physiological limits. wt

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