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October 2021

Echocardiographic measurement of changes in left ventricular volume in patients suffering of different heart diseases during immersion and exercising in water

Journal/Book: XXIe Congrès international de Thalassothérapie Hammamet (Tunisie) 30 janvier-2 février 2000 S. 35. 2000;

Abstract: G. CLAUS L. SCHEGA R. HOTTOWITZ A. NIKLAS Institut für Sportwissenschaft Abteilung Sportmedizin Göttingen Germany Swimming in patients (pts) suffering from different cardiac diseases is still under discussion. Induced tachycardia peripheral vasoconstriction increased pressure load and oxygen consumption of the heart and a central directed volume shift are mentioned as the main critical points jeopardising pts.. To examine the real central directed volume shift while immersing into water and during swimming 2-D echocardiographic (echo) pictures were taken in a total of 26 male pts. with an average age of 62. In all pts. a coronary artery disease was stated angiographically 21 pts. suffered from a myocardial infarction 12 pts. underwent coronary bypass grafting and 3 pts. underwent PTCA. All pts. were swimming constantly at least once the week. Echo examination were performed from the three apical views on land and while stepping into the water and during swimming while the pts. were fixated by the method of semitethered swimming in a swimming flow by constant velocity with added drag for changing the working load. The echo imaging from all axes were stored digital as cine-loops for further examination. By immersing into water only a slight increase of the enddiastolic volume (EDV) from 126 ml to 136 ml (8 %) and a parallel decrease of the endsystolic volume (ESV) from 66 ml to 57 ml (16 %) can be found. There is no drop in the pulse rate by entering water. During swimming no significant changes in the EDV were seen and a small drop of the ESV. The cardiac output (CO) was maintained mainly by increasing the heart rate from an average of 72/min to 123 (71 %) and a parallel increase of the CO from 4 3 l/min to 9 1 l/min. In subgroup analyses 5 pts. with left ventricular hypertrophy were screened. Here an even weaker effect on the volume changes was observed. The EDV increased of a total of 6 % the ESV decreased of a total of 3 %. ... wt

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