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October 2021

Surrender to God: An additional coping style?

Author(s): Gorsuch, R. L.

Journal/Book: J Psychol Theol. 2000; 28: 13800 Biola Avenue, Biola University, La Mirada, CA 90639-0001, USA. Rosemead School Psychology. 149-161.

Abstract: In addition to the religious coping styles proposed by K. I. Pargament et al. (1988), a surrender style of coping is proposed. Surrender is not a passive waiting for God to take care of everything; rather, it entails an active choice to relinquish one's will to God's rule. Analysis of 30 surrender-associated coping items rated by 151 Christian undergraduates yielded a 12-item Surrender Scale with a reliability coefficient of .94. A factor analysis delineated Surrender as a separate factor from the other coping styles. Preliminary incremental validity was also established employing a hierarchical multiple regression analysis. After removing the effects of the other coping styles, the Surrender Scale correlated positively with religious importance, intrinsic religiousness, spiritual well-being, and locus of control in God. Moreover, the Surrender Scale correlated negatively with Extrinsic-Personal religiousness and locus of control in luck. As hypothesized, surrender, as a coping strategy, was significantly related with the other coping styles, yet it evidenced sufficient incremental validity for its consideration as a distinct coping style.

Note: Article Wong-McDonald A, Hollywood Mental Hlth Ctr, Cty Los Angeles Dept Mental Hlth, 1224 N Vine St, Los Angeles,CA 90038 USA


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