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December 2021

Habituation of the auditory evoked field component N100m in male patients with schizophrenia

Author(s): KreitschmannAndermahr, I., Nowak, H., Sauer, H.

Journal/Book: J Psychiat Res. 2000; 34: the Boulevard Langford Lane, Kidlington, Oxford Ox5 1GB, England. Pergamon-Elsevier Science Ltd. 245-254.

Abstract: The auditory evoked field (AEF) component N100m represents the most prominent and stable peak of the AEF, and its alterations in patients with schizophrenia are atl extensive topic of neuropsychiatric research. In our current study, the degree of N100m habituation was investigated in 20 male schizophrenics and 19 healthy male controls. Participants were stimulated monaurally with 270 trials of 1000 Hz tones separated by an interstimulus interval between 800 1800 ms. The trial sample of the bilaterally recorded AEF was separated into three consecutive blocks of 90 trials and these blocks were compared with each other. The mean global field power (MGFP) of the N100m decreased on average 9.1% from the first to the third trial block, while the N100m latency was increasing. The analyses of the influence of habituation revealed a systematic change of dipole location in inferior-superior direction, mainly in the left hemisphere. This habituation effect was found to be the same for both groups. The groups also did not differ in the N100m latency increase and MGFP decrease, except for one parameter. The right-hemispheric MGFP decrease from the first to second block was found to be more pronounced in patients compared to controls. However, this difference was related to medication with clozapine, Overall, the habituation behaviour of the N100m seems to be undisturbed in schizophrenic patients.

Note: Article Rosburg T, Univ Jena, Dept Psychiat, Philosophenweg 3, D-07740 Jena, GERMANY

Keyword(s): habituation; schizophrenia; magnetoencephalography; auditory information processing; auditory evoked fields; learning; NEUROPHYSIOLOGICAL EVIDENCE; MAGNETIC-FIELDS; P50; ABNORMALITIES; STIMULATION; HEMISPHERE; RESPONSES; CLOZAPINE; DEFICITS; INTERVAL

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