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September 2021

Seasonal variation of violence in psychiatric patients and the general population

Author(s): Linaker, O. M.

Journal/Book: Eur J Psychiat. 2000; 14: PO Box 6029, 50080 Saragoose, Spain. European Journal Of Psychiatry. 153-159.

Abstract: Background: Both among psychiatric patients and in the general population, seasonal variation of mood symptoms and aggression has been described. Aims: To investigate seasonal variations in Violence among acutely admitted psychiatric patients and in the general population. Methods: The monthly frequency of 512 patient-staff incidents 1990-june 1997 in an acute psychiatric hospital and 3.431 violent incidents among the general population 1991-1997, in the same area, were analysed for monthly variations in frequencies. Results: There was a correlation (r = 0.63 N = 12 p < 0.05) between incidents at the hospital and incidents recorded by the police. Incidents at the hospital correlated with the monthly change of day length with a lag of one month (r = 0.71 N = 12 p < 0.01), but not with the mean monthly day length. Conclusions: The correlation of monthly frequency in the two groups could be induced by a change in activity common for the two groups.

Note: Article Morken G, NTNU, Dept Psychiat & Behav Med, Box 3008 Lade, N-7002 Trondheim, NORWAY


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