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October 2021

Meeting the needs of our clients creatively : the impact of art and culture on caregiving

Journal/Book: Death, value, and meaning series.. 2000; Amityville, N.Y.. Baywood Pub. Co.. v, 313.

Note: 99012799 editor, John D. Morgan. Pt. I. Creative Caregiving: Theoretical Considerations. Ch. 1. The Knowledge of Death is a Stimulus to Creativity / John D. Morgan. Ch. 2. Expressing Death and Loss Through Music / Sam Silverman. Ch. 3. The Advantages of Culture-Centered Counseling Over Client-Centered Counseling / Pittu Laungani. Ch. 4. Diversity within Diversity: Strategies for Developing Insight among Professionals / Victor Baez and Kevin Ann Oltjenbruns. Ch. 5. Culture: Caring and Curing in the Changing Health Scene / Eleanor G. Pask. Ch. 6. The Sociology of the Body / Glennys Howarth. Ch. 7. Pastoral Caregiving: Caring as a Presence / Richard B. Gilbert. Ch. 8. Facing Life and Death: A Buddhist's Understanding of Palliative Care and Bereavement / Leslie Kawamura. Ch. 9. From Mourning to Morning / Sally S. Bailey. Ch. 10. The Use of Music as Therapy with the Dying and Bereaved / Lora Koenig Heller and Paul Alexander. Ch. 11. Smashing Pumpkins and Blind Melons: Using Popular Music to Help Grieving Adolescents / Mindy Gough. Ch. 12. The Use of Humor, Art, and Music with the Dying and Bereaved / Gerry Cox. Ch. 13. The Arts and Story: A Source of Comfort and Insight for Children Who are Learning about Death / Sandra L. Bertman. Ch. 14. Children, Death, and Fairy Tales / Elizabeth P. Lamers. Ch. 15. Children's Exposure to Sudden Traumatic Death: Bereavement, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, and the Case for Early Intervention / David W. Adams. Ch. 16. Why Have a Funeral?: Hindu Funerals in England: Past, Present, and Future / Pittu Laungani. Ch. 17. Creating Rituals for the Non-Religious / Lloyd D. Smith. Ch. 18. Hospice Care of Formerly Abused Individuals / Patricia Zalaznik. Ch. 19. The Dream Catcher and the Universality of Grief / Thomas O'Neill. Ch. 20. Hope and the Caregiver: A Journey Toward Self-Awareness / Darcie D. Sims. Includes bibliographical references and index. Death, value, and meaning series.

Keyword(s): Grief.. Death Psychological aspects.. Counseling.. Arts Therapeutic use.

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