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September 2021

Content analysis of an anomalous memorate collection: Testing hypotheses regarding universal features

Journal/Book: Sociol Relig. 2000; 61: Marist Hall Room 108, Catholic Univ America, Washington, DC 20064, USA. Assoc Sociology Religion. 155-169.

Abstract: The experiential source theory suggests that certain types of anomalous experiences are a source of recurring folk beliefs in spirits, souls, life after death, and magical abilities. The theory implies that these anomalous perceptions have physiological bares. Content analysis of a collection of oral accounts of anomalous memorates (N = 1215) indicates that experiences of apparitions, paranormal dreams, and waking extrasensory perceptions have cross-culturally uniform structures and that these experiences coincide with recurring elements within folk traditions. These findings support the experiential source theory and a broader ritual healing theory explaining the origin of religion.

Note: Article McClenon J, Elizabeth City State Univ, Dept Social Sci, Elizabeth Cith,NC 27909 USA

Keyword(s): SIGNS; TWINS

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